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Tim Allen

I am Tim Allen raised in Western New York, and have been writing since age 9 but did not build the creativity for it until serving and honorably discharging from the United States Army in 2003. I now perform spoken word, poetry, and writing screenplays.


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I am Tim Allen and my story begins after being born in Alabama, then raised in Western new york with three siblings. My neighborhood and school at that time was filled with racial tension and had an adverse effect on my focus to learn. To hide my shortcomings and personal feelings I began to write. Later as a young adult September 1989 I joined the United States Army where I have traveled and learned many new and interesting things that I later perfected and added to my craft of writing. I was honored with a discharge in October 2003 and now perform spoken word, poetry, and writing screenplays. All of my work which includes countless amounts of poems have not yet been seen, as I let shyness overrule. This is to be my forum for it all. Enjoy!



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