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Murray Hill

I live in New Zealand where I spent 12 years in the army which greatly prepared me for a life of sitting down and writing. I have already spent several years sitting down and writing to get an MA in History I am contracted to write feedback on academic assignments and I have written several short books.


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When I was born my father was at sea, my mother had been mowing the lawn that morning. I arrived before the doctor did and he demanded that I be returned until he was ready. Apparently, this is not the conventional way of doing things, but convention is for the conventional. That's not me.

I have done a lot of things, been married twice, Once to a not nice person, once to a lovely person who is the mother of my son for which I am eternally grateful. He is also a very lovely person which only makes it clear to me that I don't actually work. If there is a hero in my life story it's not me. 

Along the way, I've been beaten, shot, stabbed, bayoneted, blown up and run over by a tank. While some of these may have contributed to my not functioning well, they also contributed to what I think is a humorous way of looking at things. For example, I think being someone who has chosen to be a writer in order to communicate but has dyslexia is funny. It does really slow down my editing and often people will "edit" my work in a public and annoying manner. I equate this to kicking a cripples crutched out from under them and laughing. Which isn't funny.

Anyway, I have a compulsion to communicate, but not socialise, so writing is what I do. I have spent a quarter of my life in the army and another quarter in tertiary education so stuff has happened and I know how to write about it. I have written a number of short books. One for my son to preserves my wayward childhood, one for him to colour in and several other of a historical nature including one on making historical catapult models.

Catapults have become my life's interest and I know more about ancient torsion machines than any modern person has reason to know. Recently I designed and gave ongoing advice on the worlds largest inswinger ballista. This is now the subject of my next book,

My life now consists of writing, telling other what they are doing is wrong when they write, raising my son with my ex-wife, making things to entertain my son and sometimes sleeping.



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