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Michelle Smith

I'd like to see if my dedication to writing could already pay off and make a contribution. Degrees: 2 A.A.'s: 1. Liberal Arts, 2. Library.


Articles, Copywriting, Data Entry Work, Editing, Poetry, Proofreading, ReWritten Articles, Technical Writing, Transcription,


Arts and Crafts, Education, Food and Recipes, Food Service, Hobbies, Journalism, Religion and Spirituality,


children's literature


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Classes I succeeded in especially relevant to writing: Child Development Language & Literacy, Children's Literature, Motherhood in Literature and Art, PowerPoint for Windows, Elements of Interpersonal Communication, Counseling -- College & Professional Success, Learning and Academic Strategies, English classes; plus most other classes required me to put serious effort into writing.  I used to be a dedicated writer all the time for classes -- why not try out freelance writing now! :D I have found typos while reading before, and wished they had asked ME to proofread first! I have also practiced transcription just for fun when listening to online talks. Plus I noticed that many automatic Closed Captions are not typed out correctly and need a human being to take the time to transcribe them, so that the deaf and/or hard of hearing can read along correctly. Check out my poems at the PoetrySoup link to see my creative writing side. :)



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