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Ivor G Davies

Rhyming Poet living in Wales near the English border by Chester.




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I am now in my 73rd year and having been brought up in a large army family and being a typical 'Army Brat' moving and travelling every few years together with raising a family of our own plus adopting two more boys and spending many years fostering.  This together with having numerouse jobs both short term and long term from office junior at 16 through water sking instructor, bus conductor, motor mechanic, RAC Service Manager (25yrs), National Operations Manager (TV industry  5 years) and many more.  I have hoped to share in my poetry plenty of life's pathways whilst frmly declaring that the main purpose of life is to Have Fun!

My Poetry is published in two books, Ivor's Ramblings and Ivor's Poetry as below:

My first book, Ivor's Ramblings is a feast of poetry covering many subjects including fantasy, trips within one's mind, spirituality and life's experiences with an ever present message of having fun, enjoying life and making the most of the hand life dealt you to travel the pathways of life.

It is coloured by my being brought up in a large military family, my teenage years living on the island of Penang in Malaysia and the trials and successes I had encountered throughout my lifetime.

Avenues of the mind, depression, laughter, death, disability, religion and spirituality are all unfolded here in an entertaining fashion.

I have endevoured to present the clear message of having fun whilst rising from the ashes of depression, redundancy and personal loss in a personal and open manner that hopefully can make you feel that reading my poetry could help guide you towards your own personal fulfilment.

My second book Ivor's Poetry includes all of my first poetry, edited slightly to make it more fluid, together with all of my work over the next few years.

Have Fun,




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