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Dimpra Kaleem

My name is Dimpra Kaleem and I live behind a keyboard somewhere in New Zealand. I am the sum of many parts, just as all of us have personalities that are a culmination of the varying influences that have shaped our lives and fantasies. All of my works are offered for free and have amassed a collective fanbase that has resulted in over 300, 000 downloads.


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short story
short story
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short story
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short story



Sex after Prostate Cancer

1/18/2019 11:01:28 PM

SEX AFTER PROSTATE CANCER The thing about Prostate cancer, the really annoying thing about this potential killer is that of all the cancers you can get, (If you are going to get one of course), this is the best one. It is slow burning, which is good because you have plenty of time to do something about it if you are (more...)

One more ride on the carousel - Will Neill

12/26/2018 3:13:58 PM

Will Neill is without doubt one of my favourite authors. His work is real by the fireplace on a stormy night stuff and One more ride on the carousel is a fine example of this. The front cover gives you an idea of the mood you should set for yourself and of the feelings Will's stories will pull from you. (more...)

Dreams Inc by TE Mark

12/26/2018 1:01:21 AM

I'm not one who gives my time freely when it comes to reviewing other authors work, but in the case of T. E. Mark's Dreams Inc, I'm glad I did. This is a collection of short stories that lend their length more to the novella in there description and carry many adjectives for me to use without spoiling the plots. (more...)



Scars come in all forms, be them emotional or physical they all leave there mark. The truth is that I cannot see all of yours any more than you can see all of mine. 

Shall I tell you a story of a little girl, born into silence - unable to speak. 
Unwilling to try. 
The girl grows into a woman who bears the scars of an accident caused by an unattended boiling kettle and the inability to hear the warning to keep away.
So many operations. 
Years of pain. 
What would you say then when you learn that the chance to have cochlear implants and hearing the world around her for the first time by way of money left to her by her grandmother, was used instead to help gain a child so longed for, yet denied by a body so unwilling to provide beauty in any way. There are no question marks because answers are not required, for in this silent land lives an imagination that pours into a digital world in the hope that its hidden voice can be heard. This voice lives behind a keyboard somewhere in New Zealand. The face it hides beneath smiles a lot and laughs often, loves hard and writes with passion.

My disillusionment with the spiritual world led me to question my faith and spawned my first short story entitled, 'The Electronic God' in which I questioned organized religions. This got me my first writing award, ironically from a publishing house that is funded by an organized religion. Although fully recovered I still write and to date, I have amassed and published two short story collections and five novellas that are all FREE to download. I mainly promote my work on Twitter and use my account to help promote other authors with the aim to amass enough followers to be able to become an influencer within the writing community.

My heartfelt gratitude and thanks go out to all those that have taken the time to read my work.



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