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Alwin Chitewe | Author


Alwin Chitewe

My name is Alwin. Nothing makes me any special except for my unlimited imagination, but everyone has got that. What makes me exciting is my ability to transfer imagination into words.


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My name is Alwin. I grew up in the city in a family of five. I later moved to our rural place because of unfortunate event, and I learned up to my ordinary level,earning distinctions in all scientific subjects and a credit in english,though I expected much more in respect to my literacy. My dad passed away and I was unable to continue to medical school, so I diverted my interests to writing ever since. I've always entertained friends and school mates with my short stories,mainly science fiction and fantasy. Currently I am working on some novels,and I have completed one called Swords & Spells, though not yet published. I look forward to be a script writer for future movies and television series.



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