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Join our community of writers. is a free resource which provides a forum for writers to display their talents. By merely posting content like book excerpts, short stories, poems, scripts, screenplays and more, you receive free perks such as blogs, a web page, and other resources to promote your work. You can even backlink to your personal website or book.

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Bobbiejo Schlageter

Hello, my name is Bobbiejo and I write poetry, all my poems are about my personal experiences with my ex-addiction, recovery process and sobriety, my ...

Paghunda Zahid

I love putting my thoughts into words.. ...

Nina Stoner

aspiring writer. current student....

Robert Kinard

Robert Lee Kinard, 61 Born and raised in Buffalo New York, who lives in Williamsburg Va former soldier, work as club DJ and Now a Poet My pin name ...

Sam Harris

I've been writing for about a year professionally. Come from lots of backgrounds. Hit floor running without leaving home most days. Currently working ...

William Kekaula

I am a retiree of the hospitality industry, presently, residing in my birthplace town of Hilo, Island of Hawaii, a.k.a. Big Island, in the 50th State ...

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kirk, india thought it might be a bit of fun...more
Schlageter, Bobbiejo Hello, my name is Bobbiejo and I write poetry, all my poems are about my personal experiences with my ex-addiction, recovery process and sobriety, my ...more
Zahid , Paghunda I love putting my thoughts into words.. ...more
ngaywa, daniel I am a young energetic and focused individual that will deliver your work at the exact mentioned time and free of grammatical and plagiarism errors....more
Stoner, Nina aspiring writer. current student....more
Ferdous, Tamanna Poetry is my passion. I love to write poems about Love, life and nature. Poetry has therapeutic effect on my mind. I have written stories also occasio...more
GK, Raj Scientist. Writes science and academic articles....more
Parmanum, kannen I'm a content marketer...more
Patel, Saramitra Saramitra likes to define herself by the tagline, "Poet By Soul". Her hobbies include writing, reading, graphics designing, and also story telling. Sh...more
Kinard, Robert Robert Lee Kinard, 61 Born and raised in Buffalo New York, who lives in Williamsburg Va former soldier, work as club DJ and Now a Poet My pin name ...more
aroneau, kit Kit Remsen Aroneau Attended Dana Hall School 1968-1971 Graduated from The New England School of Photography I have been published in two magazine...more
foister, caroline single mother, widow whos only love and reason for being is my children...more
Harris, Sam I've been writing for about a year professionally. Come from lots of backgrounds. Hit floor running without leaving home most days. Currently working ...more
James, Sharatta It is my mission to remain Blessed with an passion that ends up being my calling. continuous personal and professional growth even if I'm working fro...more
Kekaula, William I am a retiree of the hospitality industry, presently, residing in my birthplace town of Hilo, Island of Hawaii, a.k.a. Big Island, in the 50th State ...more
Greenacre, Kim My success as a Celebrant has led to other opportunities and I ghost-write copy for trade magazines, websites and key-note speeches for industry profe...more
Hensley, Rose I live in the four corners area of NewMexico. We came here from the east coast in 1978. Writing seems to come naturally for me and I find it therapeut...more
Call, Allison I love to write, wether for prizes or fun it’s my passion ...more
Kostova, Nadya I am passionate about writing, 55 years young, working in television and writing a blog called "My soul's travel notes". I am currently writing it in ...more
Riddle, Regina I enjoy writing and love to read good poetry and prose....more
shaikh, nagma my name is nagma shaikh , and iam designer ..i love to write poetry age is 20 +..i love painting in my free time ....i have an eye for think th...more
Sterling-Hinds, Lurline I'm Lurline Sterling-Hinds. I was born and raised in Jamaica. I love to express myself and I do so my writing short stories and poems. I have self pu...more
Kostyniuk, Paige Began writing as a young child; fell in love with creating fictional stories, and taking my imagination to a whole new level. Finished high school, w...more
One, gwelliant Hello...more
colley, laura Wannabe writer - just testing the water!...more
Ebelhar, Chloe I love to read and write poetry as well as different types of fiction works. My goal is to finish my first book before I turn 18....more
Murugami, Eric An adventurer, loves to travel..If you invite me I'll come :D. Likes sports and believes in eating life with a big spoon. Bit of an old soul, loves ol...more
A., Sophie I am exploring different writing genres and let my creativity flow, whenever I get the chance. I love to express my feelings and emotions in writing b...more
GRASBY, DAVID I have been writing for 20 plus years...more
Bukana, Don DON BUKANA was born into a family of Three. His birth name is EBUKA OKOYE. He was born in Anambra state of Nigeria. He has two siblings. He began sing...more
Ferdinard, Victory A Thespian. A graduate of English and Theatre Arts. Based in Nigeria. Simple by Nature. Lover of Arts. Reproduce, recreate and replicate nature somet...more
Vertongen, Ruth Live in a quiet town in New Zealand with husband two cats and a German Shepherd. Family has been raised and now its the fun of having grandchildren. ...more
Harvell, Steve Southern gent from 2 light town,inspired by older generation. A Godly man of heart,dedication to survival and dreams. No failure but will to succeed a...more
Mukhopadhyay, Aju Aju Mukhopadhyay is a bilingual award winning Poet, Critic and Author from India....more
Cruz Gómez, Rosendo Nació en Chiapas; el 11 de mayo de 1962, Curso sus estudios básicos y profesionales en San Cristóbal de las Casas. Trabajo para el gobierno federal ...more
Belin, April April LaDawn Belin , 33 yrs old, Native American of the Navajo Nation from Na'ah'teeh Canyon, Az .Pursing a career as an International Writer/ Poet/ I...more
Martinaglia, L My education includes 1.Human Resource Management at university in South Africa (Industrial Psychology, Training & development, Labor Law, HR Function...more
Schimanski, Christine Christine Schimanski comes from a family of six, two brothers and three sisters. I was born in a Queens NY Naval Hospital in 1964. I have published ...more
Mottl, Frank Frank was awarded 'Excellence in Creative Writing' in 2018 by the Poetry Institute of Canada. He is active within several writing groups, and is ...more
marsh, ALAN I am a 12 year old school boy...more
PEARCE, JAN From an early age, I have been compelled to write. I have written instruction manuals, a novel, short stories and am a published poet. In my spare ...more
Bestre, Jamila I'm a aspiring youth writer hoping to find opportunities to improve my writing in this site :D...more
Elisha, Njoyim I am Njoyim Elisha, a passionate reader and an adorable writer from Cameroon....more
Davies, Charlie English Literature and Creative Writing student at Cardiff University...more
Sutton, Sarah Sarah can write just about anything, and is well versed in inspirational pieces, poetry, articles, and short stories. A survivor of emotional abuse, ...more
brinkey, ashay With an interest for writing since I was 10 years old, I decided to put my passion into poetry. I am strong in sonnets, haiku, and other types of poet...more
Kulkarni, Sujay I am Sujay V Kulkarni, 14 yrs old, Studying 9th grade. I write short stories and poems. My writing are chosen for many contest held at school level....more
kirkpatrick, Miles Hi! I’m miles a aspiring young writer. I’m from and live in North Carolina. I just really like writing!...more
Sheth, Ashmi Ashmi Sheth is an artist, 3D Animator, and an art therapy enthusiast based in Mumbai, India. Immensely passionate about the arts, Ashmi strongly belie...more
Hunter, Lucie Hope I'm a Sri Lankan teenager writing under the pseudonym Lucie Hope Hunter. I have shown interest in writing since I was small, and I mean to continue un...more
Dorsey, Stanley I was born in Philadelphia, PA. The year was 1957. My education developed through the Public school system. I graduated in 1975. During those years I...more
Mathebula, Gladwin An author...more
Ellsworth, David I am an author living in Mexico. My flagship work was Smith County Justice that was reviewed by NBC, 20/20, the Wall Street Journal and various other ...more
Clifford, Anastasia An 18 year old with head filled with stupid,improbable ideas...more
Siverly, Jillian Oregon raised. Loved the rain. ...more
bean, elena Very amateur writer (nothing published save for a bad poem about apples in the school paper when I was 9 years old - and trust me it was BAD!). Fanta...more
Acevedo, Christian Sean Hello everyone, I am a creative writer based out of Miami. I have been writing lyrics and poetry for about 15 years. I obtained my degree in music ...more
Looby, Sinead Where rhythm is life, and life is rhythm...more
monsanto, sherry I love to write poetry, short stories, information brochures , song lyrics or jungles and descriptive essays....more
Thomson, Tansy Tansy Thomson has lived in New England most of her life, with a few too-brief years in Europe. She has written articles, short stories, poetry and her...more
Bt, Vanshika Hi I'm a budding author and a poet who loves to Write poetries and stories related to love , Life , Heart break , Feelings etc . I do love Scrib...more
lockhart, cheyenne im a good writer im 16 ...more
Hindall, Mandy My passion for writing started in High School English and then led to being the Editor of the newspaper my Junior year. I wrote and designed pages for...more
Rengel, Issa Hello, I’m Issa and I am a freelance artist. I’d like to become a full fledged writer but I am starting off small with freelance work. I can do just a...more
Chansa, Mosty Am a Zambian based multi talented writer,Born on the 30th of june 1997..Best copperbelt writer 2019....more
Munroe, Nathan I'm a writer from the Caribbean. I write anything and in all genres. ...more
Foster, Ann Writer, author, and storyteller from the high hills, the deep south, the awesome north, and mysterious east. Okay, well... I love to write ever since ...more
Gayle, Aparna I've always loved reading. It has always been something that relaxes my mind along with listening music. The older i get the more books interest me. A...more
Pendragon, Lyra I am a trans genderqueer poet with a lot of background in classic science fiction and a whole lot of stories. I like narrative fiction but also have a...more
Frendo, Dylan Published works are currently focuses on fantasy fiction, though articles are also in progress for side projects. My skills and understandings combine...more
White, Jessie Paranormal, fantasy and sci-fi romance. I also freelance as a content creator and graphic designer....more
Vinson, Sybil My name is Sybil and I love writing. I'm excited to start this chapter in my life. I'm 64 yrs. young. I love all things in nature. I'm intelligent...more
Mannon, Roger Here I am, a 70-year-old man twice retired, once from the Army and once from a career as a computer engineer. Now I am writer of stories, shot and lon...more
Wood, Rick I am a customer service representative, currently working in a call center for a hotel chain giant. I have been writing poetry and short stories since...more
Zacharias, Dawne I am a writer, in college with a writing degree in Creative Writing...more
brayden, harney Do you want to increase your business? ZIB MEDIA is the best platform to have digital marketing company Melbourne; working with modern technology on y...more
Knights, Elly Has tree become problematic to your life? Leverage Tree Removal Adelaide Hills services from Black Stump Tree Services and you can totally trust on us...more
Goward, Brayden People require electrical solutions many times in their lifetime. All Melbourne Electrics is a company having skilled & experienced Large Electrical C...more
KIRAN, PALLAVI With her interest in Indian Poetry and Translation Studies, she composes poems in Hindustani and English, she is into translating Hindustani poetry a...more
Calantoni, North North Calantoni -Poetry -Music Anything artful and creative ...more
Hassan, Taha I've been an educationist almost all my life and it's either when i'm writing or teaching when i feel alive. Not many personal things to share. Though...more
Amora, Eric Hello my name is Eric Amora, I am passionate about writing from home and the luxury of the world around me and many people know me by location or soci...more
Brown, Briauna Writer of poetry...more
Jan, Elina Vermont Aged Care has been serving the Vermont and surrounding community since 1981 – over 35 years! We are family owned and operated....more
Burt, Priscilla My name is Priscilla. I'm 26 years old and I'm here to write and get paid. I consider myself to be a novelist of fiction. I also write biographies. ...more
Theriac, Daisy I am a 45 year old old fashion lady. I have 4 kids and 3 grandchildren. I am new to writing. However I have dabbled with stories and poems since I was...more
Hill, Sarah Just starting out to write, interested in writing personalised children’s books and short stories....more
lewis-jones, iris Hello my name is iris and I live in south wales. From a young age I loved to read , My mother loved to read books and would often giver me an insight...more
Simpson, Daveen My name is Daveen and from a young age I would always be inside writing stories and reading booms while the other kids were outside playing. I never e...more
Narayan, Rupa Born to an Army doctor and home maker mother I schooled across 9 states in12 years. BSc , MBA, & LLb from Bombay. Nomadic lifestyle gravitated me to ...more
Taylor, Anthony Anthony Taylor currently resides in Brooklyn, N.Y. with a Master's Degree in Business Communications. He is also ...more
Bascoe, Damion I am Damion Bascoe 34 years old, very committed hardworking and dedicated. my aim is to offer my writing skills to the relevant companies and person (...more
hachatsouk, hussain The early growth of an adoring writing was the beginning and my words yet haven't been in the finalist...more
Karlisle, Alexia I write original fiction and fanfiction of all genres, I specialize in writing teen fantasy and sci-fi mostly, Writing is and always will be my bigg...more
Hibbert, Tiffany I am an adventurous individual who likes to write about Everything whether it may be poetical or its just a narration I love writing. I often write fr...more
Berch, Gabriella my names Gabriella I’ve been writing since I was 8 and have always loved it. I have no idea what else to tell you all but thank you for visiting! ...more
Jackson , Glacia I'm a very hard working young lady. I'm trying to live my best life not worried about what others thinks of my dreams. My dream is mines to accomplish...more
Gooden, Sherese Nationality: Jamaican Job: Lecture Language and Literacy Education: Masters at CCSU; BA, UWI; Teacher's Dip. Experience:27 years Writer: Fiction, ...more
Lewis, Abbigale I’m outgoing, contented and happy. I like to read and write about my daily feelings and way how others treat me, life in general. I like to blog...I l...more
Amudala, Kibisu I am passionate writer who deals in poetry, short stories and articles...more

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