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Opposite Words

Most common English opposite words. A list of the most popular opposite words in the English language.

not yet
defence, protection
delicious, nice, pleasant
in front of
bad luck fortune, good luck
end, ending
in front of
small, little
exciting, interesting
cowardly, afraid
outskirts, suburb
adult, grown-up
clear, sunny, bright
cold (kalt)
cold (Kälte)
drama, tragedy
false, wrong
brave, courageous
human, kind
security, safety
birth, life
alike, equal, the same
marriage, wedding
humid, wet
difficult, hard
even (Zahlen)
about, approximately
correct, true
slim, thin
final, last
bad luck
past, present
particular, special
violent, rough, strict
tiny, very little, small
good luck bad luck
easy, soft
disease, illness
ill, sick
high (Berg)
desperate, hopeless
guest, visitor
human (Mensch)
humane (menschlich)
healty, well
in front of back, behind
silly, stupid
boring, dull
abundance, plenty
active, busy
light (hell)
light (leicht)
little (klein) big, large
little (wenig)
few, some
divorced, single
ancient, old
broad, wide
nice, pleasant
foreigner, stranger
distant, far
ancient, old
awful, nasty
quiet, silent
none of al lof
not yet
odd (Zahlen)
seldom, sometimes
modern, new, young
closed, shut
future, present
rich, wealthy
past, future
loud, noisy
dictatorship, monarchy
right (rechts)
right (richtig)
rough (Oberfläche) smooth, soft
rough (Umgang)
long, tall
fast, quick
big, large, tall
hard, rough
general, ordinary
finish, end, stop
clever, intelligent
cloudy, rainy
bitter, sour
small, short
pupil, student
thick, fat
giant, huge
to accept to refuse
to add to subtract
to admit to deny
to agree to refuse, to argue
to allow to forbid
to amuse to bore
to annoy to satisfy
to answer to ask
to argue to agree
to arrest to free, to set free
to arrive to depart, to leave
to ask to answer
to attack to defend
to be interested in to bore
to begin to end, to stop, to finish
to bore to amuse, to be interested in
to borrow to lend
to break to mend, to fix
to build to destroy
to buy to sell
to catch to miss, to throw
to close to open
to come to go
to connect to separate
to continue to interrupt
to create to destroy
to cry (schreien) to whisper
to cry (weinen) to laugh
to damage to repair
to defend to attack
to deny to admit
to depart to arrive
to destroy to build, to create, to form
to die to live
to divide to unite
to divorce to marry
to emigrate to immigrate
to end to begin
to enjoy to hate
to enter to leave
to exclude to include
to fail to succeed, to pass
to find to lose
to finish to begin
to fix to break
to follow to lead
to forbid to allow, to let, to permit
to forget to remember
to form to destroy
to free to arrest
to freeze to melt
to give to take
to go to come, to stop
to harvest to plant
to hate to enjoy, to like, to love
to hit to miss
to ignore to notice
to immigrate to emigrate
to include to exclude
to increase to reduce
to interrupt to continue
to land (Flugzeug) to take off
to laugh to cry
to lead to follow
to learn to teach
to leave to arrive, to enter
to lend to borrow
to let to forbid
to lie to stand
to like to hate
to live to die
to lose to find, to win
to love to hate
to lower to raise
to marry to divorce
to melt to freeze
to mend to break
to miss (verfehlen) to hit
to miss (verpassen) to catch
to notice to ignore
to pass to fail
to permit to forbid
to plant to harvest
to protect to attack
to pull to push
to push to pull
to raise to lower
to receive to send
to reduce to increase
to refuse to agree, to accept
to remember to forget
to repair to damage
to reply to ask
to rest to work
to rise to sink
to satisfy to annoy
to save to spend, to waste
to scream to whisper
to sell to buy
to send to receive, to save
to separate to connect, to unite
to set free to arrest
to shout to whisper
to shut to open
to sink to rise
to sit to stand
to stand to sit
to start to stop
to stop to start, to go
to subtract to add
to succeed to fail
to suspect to trust
to take to give
to take off to land
to teach to learn
to throw to catch
to trust to suspect
to unite to divide, to separate
to waste to save
to whisper to scream, to shout
to win to lose
to work to rest
beautiful, handsome (boys), pretty (girls)
powerful, strong
well (gesund)
correct, right

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