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It is not new, it is not fabricated, and everyone knows that pretty girls get the whole attention anywhere they go. It was during winter, and my face had lost all its beauty. "Ok! I wasn’t beautiful to start with, but I can proudly say that I look normal". I looked into the mirror and it felt like I fell out of an ugly tree and hit every branches on my way down and I ended with a terrible dark circle that made me look like I’m eighty. 
I received a phone call from Katherine, my high school friend. Katherine is shabby and disoriented, we were quite a match, with one identical quality of not looking so pleasant to see. She sent me a reminder about the end of the year school party, which would be held at the end of the semester. "The major purpose of the end of the year school party was to gather us together for one last blast celebration before we enroll into college".
I fell on my lemon green couch and exhaled. The thought of what to wear and how I was going to look crept into my mind. I daydreamed about Joanne, my high school crush for some minutes before the sound of the beauty commercial program from the television woke me to reality. Luckily, I learnt some tips on how to look beautiful for any event, and it is called operation “change over”. 
I went out to empty the waste bin, and there I saw Tasha. My neighbor Tasha was known for her beauty. A goddess, probably human goddess with shinning slim legs, well shaped face and an outstanding brain to perfect the body. 
Eventually I swallowed my pride and asked Tasha to make me look pretty for the year party. She started my make-up in the evening, three hours to the time of the event. There was a lot of powdering and I felt like a pastry ready to be dumped in an oven. After some hours, she told me to look into the mirror, and when I did, I came out exceedingly beautiful. 
I rushed into my room, picked out my pink dress from my wardrobe, and matched it with silver heels. I waited for Katherine outside the house to pick me up for the event. I waited for an hour until she appeared in her black Toyota car; she stepped out in a turquoise blue long blouse with a micro mini black shirt, with blue heels designed with diamond and a different shade of blue bag.  
We arrived at the party on time and most of my mates were gathered outside the party venue, assessing people as they walk into the hall.  I alighted from the car with grace and for the first time in a long time, I flipped my hair and walked into the party feeling special and happy about how I looked. I was awarded as the most beautiful and that night mark the beginning of a new life, a new me.

Copyright © Ojingiri Hannah 2018

Author: Ojingiri Hannah
Ojingiri Hannah is currently a student of university of ilorin, where she studies English. Hannah holds a Diploma in Law degree from Kogi State university, Ayingba and NCE degree in English/Economics from Kwara State college of education, ilorin. In her spare time she enjoys writing and reading inspirational books. She lives in Nigeria.


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