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Every girls wish in Townsville was to travel with their parents after a long stressed section in school. Well! I’m not like every other girl, my only wish was to have thirty minute sleep without any interruption from my wicked grandmother. Luckily for me she received a call and decided to travel to visit her distant relatives. This is the point where most humans would have said ‘yay!’ but instead I just went to bed in distress, I grunted as I laid my tired back on the bed. 
‘Wake up! wake up! wake up!' I heard a distance voice from my sleep, I thought It was a dream until I opened my eyes to see a huge green frog, it held my hand and shook me to the bone, I screamed and jumped out of bed.
He moved closer as he stretched his tiny little green fingers at me. ‘Whoa! whoa!  easy, I’m not here to hurt you’ he said.  I quickly wrapped myself in the curtain behind me, peeped with one eyes and prayed deeply that the frog should disappeared. I kept praying until I noticed the phone on the stool.
‘Ah’ I exhaled and quickly grabbed the telephone on the stool close the wardrobe and dialed 911.
‘mmm Humans’ he mumbled and walked towards me. He collected the phone and placed it back on the stool.
‘Em…..’ I was trying to make a conversation and he quickly cut in.
‘Well! You must be wondering why I look so green; I’m Leanoth from cosmopolitan police department and it is nice to meet you’. 
‘Wait!’ I said with confidence when I came out of the curtain, 'Actually i wasn't worried about why you look so green, but I was in all honesty worried about how a frog became a police officer, you are not a human frog are you? I asked playfully'.
He crossed his tiny long legs and flipped his tail with rough edges standing in front of his legs to his back, he then straightened the collar of his uniform before he finally responded.
‘I’m not a human but I’m a frog with better abilities and to cut the long story short, I was sent down here to pick you up, you will be joining the police department, more information will be passed to you later but for now we need to catch a criminal, let get moving’ he pointed at the door.
I laughed hysterically as I walked to my bed, I quickly packed my books into my bag pack, and quietly removed my pink blouse from the wardrobe, I tried to escape through the door when he was looked at his tiny wrist to check the time from a watch ten times bigger than his hand. He grabbed me from the neck and said
 ‘Enough of this drama’ he opened the door with his tail and sitted me in his car gently as he drove away. 
After a long drive, I finally broke the silence and asked a question.
‘So, what qualities do I possess to work for the frog police department? ’ 
he looked at me disgruntled and I quickly restructured my sentence.
‘I meant what qualities do I possess to work with a talented police officer like you? ’ 
I rolled my eyes to the left to check his facial expression, if he was pleased with the question or not.
He stopped the car quickly and whispered ‘get down’ he used his slimy hands to cover my head as he watched two men chatting across the road in a patrol station, he then pointed at one of them in black casual suit.
‘That is Matthew the criminal you are to catch’ he said with a straight face.
I quickly removed his hand from my head and asked abruptly.
‘Wait! What! Who?’ 
He pushed my head back into the car and tried to explain as quickly as he can.
‘Matthew knows my face…. 
I replied funnily before he concluded his speech.
‘Definitely anyone would know your face, have you looked into the mirror,’ I raised my voice, you are GREEN’ I emphasized on the green.  I rested my back on the car chair and exhale.
I had never thought I would be in a position to catch a criminal in my life, the plans I had was to finish high school and relocate to a place like Bluemary, filled with water and good scenery, and now I’m with a police frog. 
He looked at me endlessly, ‘are you done thinking’ he said before he pushed me out of the car
I made a loud sound as I landed on the ground, Matthew and his counterpart looked at my direction, they approached me and raised me from the ground.
‘Are you ok’ Matthew asked.
‘Ouch’ I made a loud noise as i grunted in pain.
Matthew dropped his brief case and tried to stretch my hand, he robbed his right palm on my knuckle to reduce the pain. I watched him closely and quickly grabbed his hand and pressed it against his back, i flipped his leg to make him kneel and used my leg to knock him on the ground. Leanoth came out of the car and pointed a gun at Matthews’s friend, who flee from the scene at the sight of a gun.
‘You are under arrest by the police officer of the politan department’ I said as I press my knee on Matthews back.
 'There is a cosmo before the politan and together, it is pronounced cosmopolitan police department (CPD)’ Leanoth laughed excitedly, ‘don’t worry you would learn’ he said as he handcuff the two criminals and drove to the headquarters.
At the police headquarter, I met the (DPD) the director of the police department Mr. welshes. I was appointed as a junior police officer, I was given another case to catch a drug dealer in the city of Guversberg. Leanoth received a promotion to work as the deputy director of the police department. I kept receiving case upon case until I became the most sorted police officer in Townsville and I never went back home. 

Copyright © Ojingiri Hannah 2018

Author: Ojingiri Hannah
Ojingiri Hannah is currently a student of university of ilorin, where she studies English. Hannah holds a Diploma in Law degree from Kogi State university, Ayingba and NCE degree in English/Economics from Kwara State college of education, ilorin. In her spare time she enjoys writing and reading inspirational books. She lives in Nigeria.


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