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Short Stories

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These are original short stories and English prose written by authors from all over the globe. This volume aims to expose readers and publishers to the beautiful works of member writers. The stories are on a variety of topics such as humor, love, science fiction, history, and beyond. We hope that you can help determine which short stories and authors are the most notable, and, which writings reach the highest quality of literature. If you are a publisher and like the works of these authors, please contact them using our Writerly Words interface.

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Member Short Stories

Sometimes, Dead Are Invincible
by M.L. Kiser
The Cheat
by Brooke Fenton
Finding me within
by Dorothy Katherine Versfeld
Why The Lines Crossed On My Palm
by William Kekaula
A Day at the Presidential Museum and Library of John F. Kennedy(Nov 23,2018)
by Anthony Taylor
Frozen Tears
by Ojingiri Hannah
A Time for Change
by Dimpra Kaleem
The Love of Each Other's Lives
by Anthony Taylor
An Interview
by Smita Singh
Business as Unusual
by Anthony Taylor
Lost In Time
by Ojingiri Hannah
Sambisa: The safe haven in the wild
by Ekoja Okewu
An Alcoholic's Game
by Robert Kinard
A Strange Request at a Piano Bar
by Anthony Taylor
by Bob Taub
Bruce The Story teller
by Bob Taub
Vincent Van Gogh
by William Kekaula
The Road Down Apiece
by William Kekaula
Songs of Sonnets: The Tale of Prince Zag The Freid
by William Kekaula
Sacred Sword Of The Chrysanthemum Throne
by William Kekaula
The Manicotti's Of Bensonhurst
by William Kekaula
The Twist
by William Kekaula
A Hawaiian Folklore - Event On The Island Of Hawaii
by William Kekaula
Feel for a Lost Love
by Steve Harvell
repeating time
by nagma shaikh


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Just a Boy in Love

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Cultivating New Life Stories

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