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Self maintained, call me Frank Sinatra I did it my way - 
"Rocking Robin Must Be Love On The Brain"
Words from the wise men. Life is not a game, but it is a wheel of fortune with change everyday Society is weak. what they hear is what they say! and I'm not going to preach but this message is here to save. Meditate young souls with candle lights and Potent Sage. Seek knowledge not only of today's - Be mindful of the ancient yesterday's. Certify thy young self when you academically graduate. Forget not, with knowledge comes wealth.  
Money comes and money goes
Sipping from my cup, till it runneth  over, the more you learn you'll always grow, that's how u get work and your money will show.
 Life is a test survival of the fittest. what you see on TV are tricks to diminish Listen be wise and dissect the images portrayed most times in the media business ! Be wise think smart, school is the ticket to get what you want and make life how you live it, whether it's bad or good you must start so finish, the life you want isn't so far, haste makes waste get what ever you want by learning with grace !
Copyright © Matthew Gibbs 2018

Author: Matthew Gibbs
Currently living in Scarborough, Ontario. Talents range from Acting to Writing Music and performing a various Spoken Word Monologues and Poetry. The Artist will be featured singing on a number of tracks but still refrains from classifying him self as a "Singer". Listen to his 2017 Hit Single "The Message" written by LaseanCentury with music by Josh Petuccio


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