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The King's Maid


Northsay is the most powerful kingdom feared by other kingdoms, ruled by King Martin and his queen Rebecca

Intro: The steward and the maid were in the courtyard discussing about the king

Dialogue between maid and steward

Part 1
MAID:  you know Steward, I think the king fancy my attire

STEWARD:  oh! Really, He fancy most maiden attire, you dare not think you're special

MAID:  Blasphemy, how dare you call the king a liar, he held my hands and places it on his head, he sworn on his late mother's grave. The king's word is nothing but truth

STEWARD:  how then will you explain the bat flying in daylight without hitting its head on the polls?

MAID:  you speak in parables

STEWARD:  have you seen Annastacia lately, she wear the dragons robe, like she is perhaps the queen, she throw herself around the palace with her gown flirting with the floor, how then can you explain this boldness?

MAID:  Steward what are you getting at

STEWARD:  if you can't understand all this, I see no reason why you should praise the king, I believe your foolishness need praises

MAID:  Begone I will not let you lure me into your insanity. The king is pure like Dove and kind, he will never be in comfort of Annastacia, Begone already

STEWARD:  farewell Maid, I wish you a long lasting years of sense

Part 2
queens quarter

Anastasia entered the queens room with her night robe gentle wrapped in a silk covering.

ANNASTACIA: My Lady I brought you the royal robe from the tailors chamber

QUEEN REBECCA: place it beside the window, where I can easily stare at the beaming the gold makes

ANNASTACIA: Nonsense my Lady, I think your gaze is what give the gold beams

QUEEN REBECCA: (laugh out loud) oh! Annastacia you know how to make me happy

ANNASTACIA: the robe should be greatful for the valor of your skin

(The maid enters)

THE MAID: My Lady I brought you the royal food from the royal kitchen

QUEEN REBECCA: oh! Please where would you have brought it from if not the royal kitchen, I detest peasant who repeat things unnecessarily

MAID: I'm sor...

QUEEN REBECCA: you may leave now 

ANNASTACIA: I shall take my leave too my queen


Part 3

Dialogue between Annastacia and Maid

(Annastacia catch up with Maid)

ANNASTACIA: (chuckles) I see the Queen is not impressed by you

MAID: well I can't imagine to be a friend to the Queen, she is high like the sky and mighty like a lion tear. I dare not befriend the Queen

ANNASTACIA: of course you dare not. But it is really unfortunate that you try all your best but to no avail

MAID : All I'm doing is to ease the Queen's mind, I was there when she arrives at the palace some years ago, with tears in her silky face she stare at the gates endlessly. I understand her heart who doesn't want to act too nice or too cold

ANNASTACIA: this is what I like about you. The way you reason is beneath Topple the royal dog

MAID: I will not let you address me in that manner

ANNASTACIA: what will you do, run to the King and cry?

MAID: I would rather take my leave before I lose my anger

(Annastacia giggles as the maid walk away)

Part 4
Palace courtyard

Intro: The Steward is staring at the sky while laying on a mat with Nicole the king's cousin

STEWARD: The stars are only proud at night, do you know why Nicole

NICOLE: why?

STEWARD: Because darkness gave them light

NICOLE: you and your theory, I wonder how you became the king's steward with your slippery tongue and sassy behavior

STEWARD: (chuckles) come here ( dragging Nicole closer to himself)

NICOLE: No! please I don't want to smell your armpit, it stink of sweat

STEWARD: (laughing out loud) I will treat you to what you despise most, come here, smell it

NICOLE: (scream) No


(By the wing side of the palace corridor, the Queen and the King walk together holding hands)


QUEEN REBECCA: look at them, screaming and laughing together deeply like lovers

KING MARTIN: Are you jealous of two grown men

QUEEN REBECCA: why shouldn't I, I barely see you three times in a day, My Lord.

KING MARTIN: Work love work, I have been tied down by work

QUEEN REBECCA: (staring and smiling at the direction of the Steward and Nicole)
Hm, I should head back to the Queen's quarter now, it's quite late My Lord

KING MARTIN: of course and I shall accompany you to your door step

(They both smile and walk towards the Queen's quarter)


STEWARD: You should have stayed in Charselander with your uncle Boyot

NICOLE: I wish it was that easy, life in Charselander is not that easy compared to Northsay. You wouldn't know since you have the king's favor

STEWARD: Are you saying the king favor a servant more than his blood

NICOLE: well! I may be his cousin but he favors you more. Do you remember getting my fat pig the one I hunted

STEWARD: oh! You hold grudges for a long time. That was just a despicable fat pig

NICOLE: I think you are despicable ( chuckles)

STEWARD: ( try to grab Nicole towards his armpit) come here

NICOLE: (he gets up quickly and run towards the palace second gate screaming with his boots off)

STEWARD: (he laugh out loud while he watch him run) 

Part 5
The maids quarter 
Intro: The chief maids (Haier) gather the maids in a room to inform them about the visit of Lord Everly 

HAIER: ( looking at the maids to see who's not properly dressed) You ( she pointed at Layla) step out

LAYLA: (she came out from the rare end of the room close to the window seal) Yes Haier ( she bow her head slightly as a sign of respect to Haier)

HAIER: why is your breast not properly placed in the gowns cup, I will not let you disgrace the king or this kingdom with your lustful dress. Now! tie the strap properly

LAYLA: very well Haier (she then step back to her former position)

HAIER: Lord Everly will join us today, I want everyone of you to prepare for his arrival, mop the floor so clean that you all can see your faces in it, and collect the flowers from Bliss, for today shall be a very long day

ALL MAIDS TOGETHER: very well chief maid

ANASTASIA: Em what about the food, I heard

Lord Everly fancy pancakes, we should also prepare for that too

HAIER: The food is for the royal kitchen to worry about, it is not your concern, leave the royal kitchen to do their job. Face your own duty

ANNASTACIA: Now I think I understand why you have remain the cheif maids for over twelve years now, you have always face your duty
(The maids look surprised)

HAIER: just because you receive the Queen's audience doesn't mean you are all and untouchable. When the dog is deaf to his master's whistle, then he's closer to its grave. Do you remember when you first came to the palace, I gave you an advice that death rest upon those who seek more than they could have. (Addressing the maids) The rest of you may leave now

(The maids disperse) 

HAIER: And as for you (concentrating on Annastacia) get the vase from Chaster and fill them with water, all of them.

ANASTASIA: (angry) very well Haier
HAIER: you may leave now

(Annastacia was angry as she walks down to Chaster to collect the vase)

Part 6
Outside the palace (the blacksmith shop)

Intro: Steward visit his old friend Alexander who work as his father apprentice in the blacksmith shop

ALEXANDER: Gracious goodness, look who has appeared from dust

STEWARD: you speak as if I'm dead

ALEXANDER: (friendly Laugh) I miss you
(They hugged each other)

STEWARD: I know the day is right but I hope the time is right, I wouldn't want to see Ferric 

ALEXANDER: you speak of your father like a stranger. Ferric is not here, he's gone to the outer village to collect blunt swords

STEWARD: very well then I shall have my sit.. (he picked a sword and place it closer to his nose) this sword smells like cinnamon, like it has been held by a food vendor

ALEXANDER: Not again, please let's just talk about old time and not your delusional precept

STEWARD: you must think I'm crazy but all these things I see and smell are true

(Ferric appeared in his dirty boots rapped in mud)

FERRIC : oh! Look who's come to say hello, the king's very own steward

STEWARD: Hello Ferric, I guess today is a bad day afterall. I have seen evil

FERRIC: (grabbed his collar) I am your father and you will address me so

ALEXANDER: (he cough) hm

(They both look at his direction. Ferric sight Lord Everly)

FERRIC: Lord Everly how pleasant to see you

ALEXANDER: (give steward sign to take his leave by waving his head)

LORD EVERLY: it is nice to see you again, all this years I have always wish to come to Northsay, if not for anything but for you.

FERRIC: My heart speaks the same.

(The both shake hands and laugh)

STEWARD: I smell deceit.

LORD EVERLY: (look to his side) oh! How long has it been, West.

STEWARD: please call me steward.

LORD EVERLY: Alright steward.

FERRIC: Don't mind him, he's just a fool.

STEWARD: And the fool shall take his leave now.

FERRIC: Have you seen the king?

LORD EVERLY: No I came here first.

FERRIC: That's not a good idea.

LORD EVERLY: I know but my heart won't let me.

STEWARD: (shakes his head sadly as he walks towards the wood that leads to the outer village).

FERRIC: come on in, let me treat you to chicken legs and beer.

(They both laugh heartedly)

                                     Part 7
                        The kings court room

Intro: The king and his Chevaliers are discussing about the possible outbreak of war in Sanfrost.

CHEVALIER CELPHUS: My Lord, the war in Sanfrost is growing big, and at this rate it might get to Cupper, which is closer to Northsay. An informant gave me this letter, (he pass the letter to the King) it explain how prince Fredrick murdered Queen Fiella, because he found out that the Queen killed his mother, lady Julian. Prince Gath is set to take revenge on Prince Fredrick for his mother's death.

CHEVALIER ETHAN: That is an absurd notion that can lead to many lives been wasted. I heard lady Julian died of smallpox. 

CHEVALIER CLAYTON: Our focus should be on Cupper. The king of Cupper is currently bedridden and prince Celplas is not competent enough to lead the kingdom.

CHEVALIER EPHOD: I will advice we send a message to warn them of imminent war

KING MARTIN: That is true, we should send a message to Cupper. The Queen of Sanfrost is the first child of Lord Leannoth the twin brother of Lazarus. I'm afraid this is not just an internal war but a war between two kingdoms. Chevalier Leo, prepare to ride at dawn, inform prince Celplas of the war and send my greetings to his father.

CHEVALIER LEO: yes my Lord
(The chevaliers disperse)
(Lord Everly made his appearance before the king with a young girl named River)
KING MARTIN: Lord Everly

LORD EVERLY: My Lord (bow as a sign of respect) 

KING MARTIN: c'mon now uncle, there is no need to bow and please address me normally

LORD EVERLY: I am afraid to do so Martin. What if I'm charged for treason? To disrespect the king is to disrespect the kingdom

KING MARTIN: Nonsense, you are my uncle, no one would dare charge you of such atrocity. And who's this beside you?

LORD EVERLY: oh! I brought you a gift from Leaven, a slave, she's clean and beautiful, she will make a good maid

KING MARTIN: what is your name young lady
RIVER: River your majesty

KING MARTIN: That is a spectacular name, I'm hearing that for the very first time

LORD EVERLY: yes, she is from Gamaliel a small village in Leaven. She claimed to be born beside Wiss river, so her mother named her River

KING MARTIN: interesting. (Raised his voice) Guards! (Two men matched in) Take her to Haier, tell her she's the new maid
GUARDS: Yes your Majesty

(One of the guards speak to River)

GUARD 1: follow me

(River follows the guard)

KING MARTIN: There is going to be a feast for you tonight, to welcome you back home

LORD EVERLY: you are too kind my Lord

Part 8


The maids chamber

GUARD: chief maid, I brought a message from the king. This young lady (pointing to River) is the new maid

HAIER: alright you may leave now

(The guard walks away)

HAIER: young lady, what is your name?

RIVER: River my lady

HAIER: (she chuckles) address me as Haier

HAIER: Come let me introduce you to the other maids

RIVER: yes Haier

(River follows Haier into the maids courtyard)

HAIER: Everyone gather around. She's the new maid (pointing to River) and her name is River

ALL MAIDS: welcome River

ANNASTACIA: you are a real beauty with a perfect nose, lips and breast. You will enjoy your stay here

RIVER: Thank you for your kind words

HAIER: [she calls on one of the maids (Marta)] I will leave her in your care Marta, show her around the palace and tell her how things is done here

MARTA: yes Haier

HAIER: you can all go back to your various chores now

(Some of the maids welcome River by chattering and smiling with her. Annastacia left out of jealousy, looking at River as she walks away)

Part 9
Town's market

Intro: The Steward head to the market to get costume for the night feast

Dialogue between Steward and the seller

STEWARD: Good day, please I need an earth color to match with my burgundy clothes. And I also need a pair of boots.

SELLER: I have an earth color cap to match your clothes, but the boots here are smaller than your feet. The cap cost 5 coins

STEWARD: is that a price for a man's head or a cap? Don't be ridiculous I will pay you 2 coins

SELLER: No make it 3 coins

STEWARD: (he removed the coin from his leather pouch) here you go

SELLER: (pointing opposite to his shop) you can get your boots over there, she will have your size

STEWARD: thank you

(Steward walk towards another seller)

STEWARD: Hello, can I try this boots on to see if it's my fitting?

SELLER (WOMAN): go ahead 

STEWARD: they fit properly, how much is it?

SELLER (WOMAN):  3 coins

STEWARD: (deep his hands into his pouch) Here you go

(He hides the boots and Cap in his bag made from cow skin, then he walk 

Part 10
The kings court room

Intro: It is the night of the feast, the king welcome Lord Everly in front of respectable guests and some commoners 

KING MARTIN: come uncle, sit beside me

LORD EVERLY: (he smiled at the Queen) my Queen, you still remain beautiful as ever

QUEEN REBECCA: you flatter me. Please sit and let's enjoy the feast

(Lord Everly sit beside the king and the feast begin with lots of entertainment from the commoners) 

(The king excuses himself from the feast and walk towards the maids chamber)

MAID: (she saw the king and quickly pay her respect) my king

KING MARTIN: Rise! (He hold her hands and smile softly) why are you not at the feast?

MAID: I'm sorry my King, I had some chores to attend to in the maids chamber

KING MARTIN: (He holds the maids hand and walk towards an empty room)
(He placed his lips on hers and held her buttocks).......

To be continued.

Copyright © Ojingiri Hannah 2018

Author: Ojingiri Hannah
Ojingiri Hannah is currently a student of university of ilorin, where she studies English. Hannah holds a Diploma in Law degree from Kogi State university, Ayingba and NCE degree in English/Economics from Kwara State college of education, ilorin. In her spare time she enjoys writing and reading inspirational books. She lives in Nigeria.


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