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Yet Again the Door is being Knocked


Yet again the door is being knocked
For ages it’s been closed

Who is there?

The Sun looks down

Breeze Halts!

Tulips raise their heads

But the Cascade is still singing, like an indifferent Bee


Knock, knock, Knock!

How persistent the knocking is!!

But who is there?

Its light from the peepholes

Enlightens the valley,

Fills the Tulips with Joy,

Old Cider tree opens its eyes

Sheds away with one jerk of its head,

All the dead leaves

Pale, sick and dried

Concealing for a while

Imageof the sitting sun in the cascade


At once, Gigantic Mountain roars in panic,

The sun closes its eyes,

Breeze hides away in a dark cave,

Tulips are now harming themselves in despair,

For the light is fading away

I can hear sound of the feet going away

There is but No more knocking…


It’s dark now!

Tiny little moon is waiting for the stars to shine

The valley is silent

But the Cascade and Distant wolves


And somewhere far behind the Forbidden Forest

The door is still closed…

Copyright © Paghunda Zahid 2018

Form of Poetry

Free verse

Author: Paghunda Zahid
I love putting my thoughts into words..


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