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The Vatican


woe to you evil men, the priesthood is dead go run and tell it! for eternal power gave it religion. which men has turn it into a shadowy void and solitary! for I heard it calling and I rush to write it. now unfold your dark torment. know your repelling demons that you have giving house to. ABOMINABLE - ABOMINABLE, THE CHURCH HAVE THIS VACCUM BROODING SECRET, DARK POWER NOW RUN IT! time has given measure and space darkness. Oh church why have you abanddon your faith? for look afar who cometh, God's eternal writer? than the church open it's mouth to say, for his confliction and his forsaken combustion, revolving in his tormenting passion of perific chaos. keep away his cold ten thousand thunders and let the world behold, he is near, Oh father, oh son of the father let him not write our sin and shames. open your doors old wicked church! open your doors and let me in? (the church) who are you that command me? (the writer) my earthly name was taken so that this high office be given me. (the church) still I know you not? (the writer) oh you old coiling demons do you not know that death lies before your doors? and if you shall continue to coil with me than death shall scatter your doors open, so open now to these commanding words? but than the demons of the church reply, hold fast your locks for he be only an man. and the church reply, did not Satan say the same to hell toward Yeshua and hell's gates were scatter? and the demons of that church reply, yes but he was truly the son of the most high, but this one be only a man. the church reply, if he be only a man why do you fear him so, the demons reply, fear him! we fear no man, but he shall make public your shame. did you not hear the stones and the soul of the church say, the priesthood is dead go run and tell it. and when the demons of the church finish speaking. a great thunder was heard and a great wind blow open it's doors and a great voice was heard for it say, joy without pain, fluctuation with fire, why did you die? he whom is the writer go forth! and when I enter that church all it's sins and shame spoke as one. it was so great that I could not write them all. and the lord spoke to say, here alone who write the secrets of men sins, I shall slow down this dark secret of this forsaken church. write all that you can. than at once the demons of the church recoiled and spoke badly toward the lord. for this is what they say, unfold our darkness to this writer of solitude.! how dare you give a man great command over us, for we was told one God, one king, one law. now our rage and fury shall strike down this writer of sins for he be just a man! than the lord reply, it is not for his sake I do this! because you evil one's has forgotten the laws. than the lord say, no light from this fire, but in all darkness in the flames of eternal fury. and as once those demons were gone. than the lord say, I do not spare this church for this church has forgotten me! and at once the lord was gone. and I was once again left to write and be among sin itself. and because the lord did make slow it's tongue I could understand all that was said. and the first to speak say, all sin depart from here, so that the eternal writer shall not be touch by you. and the same speaker came to me and say, I alone shall take you upon this mountain for which this church was build. and this is what I saw. sand of clay groning apart was healed. obscure separation apart from the earth laid rent from heaven high. stars stood wide apart, fathomless void intense the fire, oh you evil men! dark thunder with terror crash and depart yur armies. the laboring fire with long periods made the day eternal. no man, no priest was found after the church stones fell down. black eternal stood near the ocean's shores. and I heard a voice come out of the earth saying, WHAT IS THIS DEATH! dreamless nights surging from immortal madness. and the stones from the church yelling, MAN HAS DONE THIS! and it's iron and brass was broken, let he who has knowledge count the numbers days the church has left. and just before I saw to write the number the lord said, write this that man shall know it. (EDDIES) Than the eternal sin of the church say, the mountain cold, rest the immortal shaggy dolorous fountain. the write knows the dark secrecy the terrible nights of ghostly ages, so out of my firey chain of mind I shall speak once and no more. dregees unfold the eternal prophets with strokes from that silent hammer. and life and light are frozen. the church deformity has suffer Satana fire, and all priests was found pitiful, for they have given into sex and money. now the popes head shall be found in the potter's field, weeping  with obsure mourning those pitiful souls. those who has deform this office? and has awoken Satana deadest sleep. now the lord say write the number, (the clue) 96 poems 6-9-5-1-1-5-6 let he who has knowledge and understanding know this number. now after the stone of the church finish speaking, the soul of the church being to speak to me in riddles for it's shame was to great. surly the lord shall cast me into the eternal fire in those coming days, but if I plead with you can I than be saved? I reply, I have no such power to ease your pain.  and in great pain the church did weep. and when it's finish weeping it's say, my ages is eternal who first female I did murder, for the female wept in full delight as time passed over. and before my fatal blow she say, womb from my womb I shall return to the womb, for my child as come forth, and they have beating him down and on the day of his hanging the womb did tremble. and the creator of the world came forth to murder man for his great deed. but than the womb say, father forgive them for they know not what they do. than the earth was found in great delight for it was forgiven. now the church soul spoke to say, covet wantonness the virgin state it's love. broken sleep open it doors for it was moisture that awoken the soul. man hide all truth from man and brought about his own laws. and when the soul of the church was about to speak again the lord came and say silent, than say to me write no more. and I alone stop writing to placed my pen down.

Copyright © Ronald Campbell 2018

Form of Poetry

I do not know?

Author: Ronald Campbell
in darkness the loud sea makes moan and earth is shaking, and I alone have come into exsit


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