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Nature Poems

Fall Of Autumn
by William Kekaula

The deep south, confused summer, autumn's blight,
Nature's microwave is on overdrive,
Dog day noons, sultry dusk undress the night,
Escapist schemes, routes north relief, connive.

Red Indian drumbeats

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Twilight Descension
by William Kekaula

Bats fickle genteel soles of twilight, as swart crown abandons an errant moon,

A moon burrowing, framing a forest, while Cupid charioteers spark an archway,

Neath a

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The Beach
by ALAN marsh

As the ocean waves strike at me,
And the yellow sand greets the sea.
As the passing by flock of seagulls screach,
The cool gentle wind whistles through

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by ALAN marsh

Moon rules over the twilight,
Owl captures everything in his sight.
When moon is out the moonflower glows,
Meanwhile,the cool wind swiftly blows.

All the creatures are gone to

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You are.
by Sybil Vinson

I see you in many forms. One minute you're liquid, fluid in movement, slidding, gliding, slippery.

Then you are a rock, solid, strong, move back

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Nature and Chaos
by Eva McDonald

I live by a river.
I drive by that river everyday.
Do I look at it, as I drive?
I wish. 
Not that I am

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Morning Glory
by Shaniel Edwards

As  eyes shift from ceiling to window, 

One observes the blackness of the night sky. 

Luna my friend has left me alone, 

She's gone visiting friends at another

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by Brian Pierre-Alexander

My name is flower
Of number one display and color
To commit suicide I decide
To take nuclear waste or pesticide

Am tired of you people polluting the air

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Remember Us This Way
by Emmanuel Adedayo Ojelade


I look back on the memories we’ve had sometimes ago
When life was free for every one of us, both young and

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by Darlington Chukwunyere

Do you know, static clocks move faster than moving clocks?

Do you know, silence is not the best response to a fool?

Do you know, a man is

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Secret garden
by kyra shennan

Individuals can never truly be known, 

we all hide a part of ourselves away. 

Especially women. 

These parts may not be parts we are ashamed of or afraid

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by kyra shennan

The trees surrounding the lake are so loud today,

 or have I not noticed their haunting yet gentle wails until this steely morning? 

Even though they seem

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a bad dream
by mohamad safan

A bad dream
There was a dreamer boy who dreams a lot and does nothing. He plays also when the boy had a pre examine,<>

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The world we live in
by Alishah Ali

I see the birds flying and hear the winds whispering,

I see the blue sky and wait until it turns into the dark sky,

I see some

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Time Before
by Brian Sluga

Rocks, water and strong wind


it was like time before 


a time when life was secluded and untouched 


as if man never existed 


pristine grass covered hills


no litter, no

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Ignorance of love
by Mfreke Etuk

Living in the same neighborhood

Growing up with her was fun

Playing together under  the rain

As children we were

We became best of friends

I was 5 and she

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Kisses in the wind:
by Ivan Katono

Polar white,

Hues of green.

Nobler so,

A rush,

Kisses in the wind.

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Music of the wild:
by Ivan Katono

A gale

A grasshopper

A cricket 


A termite

Sing the music

That lingers in the wild.

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Expectations Explained
by Harriet Shea


Cannot comprehend the intensity

realizing myself as a living being, roaming

around this world without a reason

I know in full extent, we have a purpose to continue


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by Anuradha Sowmyanarayanan


The perfect pleasant feature

which is the symbol of good nature
An expression of happiness
An indication of approval
with it,
Everything becomes

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Break Free from Melancholy

Break Free from Melancholy


The symbolic nature of heart and hand

Love lost grief of pain that may never end

A life of anguish distress of such sorrow


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Swallow's Solitude
by P. S. Remesh Chandran


The hillocks where the village folk

Assembled for a fun-

There then at length dissected all

Subjects under the sun.


The roadside shop, where middle age

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Nature And Me On The Riverside
by P. S. Remesh Chandran

When I appear there Nature seems to
Dance and dance and dance,
When I disappear she is prone to
Weep and

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Today I Had A Strange Experience
by P. S. Remesh Chandran


Today I had a strange experience,
Not in this group but in another group.

‘Poetry and Lit′rature' it is not,

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by Line Monique Gauthier


highly arrogant in your delusion

       dazed, i watch in disbelief

              bizarre human nature


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