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My Everyday




Step by step to see you standing there

Step by step to find you waiting

Step by step walking in my feet

But these feet don’t belong to me anymore

Everyday they walk away from my heart


Everyday I steal glances

Everyday my heart hopes to hear your voice

Everyday I anticipate that ‘hi’

I see you smile and I’m crushed

Because you don’t know me

You don’t see me but I see you see me

Check me, glance me, everyday

And then we have our moments

Maybe we are fools to keep silent

But the firework’s are there

I feel what you see and you see what I don’t

And it’s an everyday thing

Officially our thing

Everyday I walk away

But still hope for another day

Of you being my everyday.

Copyright © Aska Makori 2018

Form of Poetry

I do not know?

Author: Aska Makori
I'm a fiction writer from Africa. Broad mind with wild imagination and amazing humor.
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