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Mountains Poems

Screams, Screeches, Groans and Wails
by Paghunda Zahid

Screams, screeches, groans and wails,

Brutalities, agonies, torture, and blood,

Tear Gases, pallet guns, bullets and bombs

Humanity sobs, world is falling apart


Kids are blinded,

Men are

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Two consciousness
by Nathan Munroe

                                            Where am I? 


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You are.
by Sybil Vinson

I see you in many forms. One minute you're liquid, fluid in movement, slidding, gliding, slippery.

Then you are a rock, solid, strong, move back

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by Michael Henry


When mighty rivers flow upstream

And oceans turn to sand

When forests cease to birth their trees

And mountains leave the land.


When sun no longer

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by Brian Pierre-Alexander

My name is flower
Of number one display and color
To commit suicide I decide
To take nuclear waste or pesticide

Am tired of you people polluting the air

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Currents of Love
by Heidi Sands

Snowflakes sparkle

Like the twinkle in your eyes

As I wish to hold your hand

In view of the mountains

Where our dreams are spread

In a pure, white, blanket


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Universal inversion
by Florence Ezekiel

Cursed love - puzzled world

chock full of anguish and misery

one SARAH-angel faced

and MICHAEL-hosea dealt with

just as Francine rivers had depicted 

in her ink. Hearts of men

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Ignorance of love
by Mfreke Etuk

Living in the same neighborhood

Growing up with her was fun

Playing together under  the rain

As children we were

We became best of friends

I was 5 and she

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Nature And Me On The Riverside
by P. S. Remesh Chandran

When I appear there Nature seems to
Dance and dance and dance,
When I disappear she is prone to
Weep and

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by Line Monique Gauthier


Tonight I choose to be a wise Indian chief

So we breathe as one

Far away meditating atop a lone cliff

And let the heavenly feeling of eternity

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