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Moon Poems

Tale Of Love's Challenge
by William Kekaula

Hail the phantom moon that traverses the murky chambered recesses of a remnant domain. Unspool gently for favorite eyes that cast within your magical lure

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by ALAN marsh

Moon rules over the twilight,
Owl captures everything in his sight.
When moon is out the moonflower glows,
Meanwhile,the cool wind swiftly blows.

All the creatures are gone to

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Two consciousness
by Nathan Munroe

                                            Where am I? 


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You are.
by Sybil Vinson

I see you in many forms. One minute you're liquid, fluid in movement, slidding, gliding, slippery.

Then you are a rock, solid, strong, move back

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The Seasons Haiku
by Michael Henry


The Seasons Haiku



Green buds on beach trees

Bluebells carpet forest floor

Newborn baby cries



Sleepy afternoon

Fly humming at window pane

Cornstalks bent with gold



Ghostly morning mist

Blue smoke curling heavenwards


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by Michael Henry


When mighty rivers flow upstream

And oceans turn to sand

When forests cease to birth their trees

And mountains leave the land.


When sun no longer

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Like You
by Kayla Bailey

I use to dream of someone just like you,

To hold me tight, and see me through. To love my eyes, and to love my

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Saying Goodbye To Summer
by Waveney Lander-Walters

Saying goodbye to September

All New York is a cold. And everywhere

Show signs of winter, when the winds blow,

It made one’s shiver to the bone: clogged

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"Under the Pale Moonlight"
by Andrew Wray


A once bright lit sun, now the dawn of moonlight pierced the sky like rays through a broken window…I sat here on

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Innocent Smile
by Ambivert Quki

Lunatic condition if you feel
You say yourself what’s the deal?
Softness and Warmth
It’s penetrate in your body

As the candle melts
Softness in its

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The Queen's Letters 2
by Ronald Campbell

thus my husband who is the kinglessking, I am his trespasser, for never shall our moon and sun cross path, what has become of me?

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The Queen Letter's 1
by Ronald Campbell

Everyday dewlling in this darkness, the resurrection of an playful fire is my punishment. I lay to remember the beautiful wonders of our once kingdom share

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God Speed
by Sandra Godwin

This land of the free has become more of a jail cell. Gun control and martial law leave no room to tell. Who is good

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by Nam Raj Khatri

Ideas emerge 
search research 
and donot find a way
and fade away
Flowers bloom
shine with sun
sleep with moon
and fade away

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Written In The Stars
by Donna Brattain

encrypted stories told to long lost galaxies curled volcanoes erupted writing on moon-lit stars bragging to claim first prize on Haley's comet dual dragonriders entwined on Orion's belt diamond

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Full Moon
by Terry Shuff


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by Line Monique Gauthier


Under rolling moonlit waves

Marbled by the depths

Bellowing haunting sonar echos

Heard for miles and miles


Enchanting tales

Wondrous and mystical

Travels and adventures

Encounters and synchronicities

Of magnificent giants

Freely roaming

Bottomless seas


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by Line Monique Gauthier


When the moon rises

Stirring from their trance

Somewhere between heaven and earth

The night creatures come alive

Roaring rolling seas of fantasy

Glistening waves under starry skies

Bewitching dancers of

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by Line Monique Gauthier



the tiniest sliver of a

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by Line Monique Gauthier


My heart is primed for the ritual

Candlelit ceremony a tribute to life

The smoke beckons my ancestors

Not sure how many lifetimes deep


Inhaling the sacred smoke

Slowly mindfully

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I dream a day I dream a night
by Line Monique Gauthier


I dream a day

     With clouds at bay

     And sun shines bright

     To make things right

     Birds in the sky


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by Line Monique Gauthier



winter harshness

romance under furs



Mount Orford brings

Mempremagog to its knees

my muse is amused



each cloud drifts by

white on blue

the ant is focused



Niagara's roar

rise of double rainbows

honeymooners smile




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Mother Please
by Deryl McCauley


Tell me Mother please tell me why

I was not enough

I should have been sun and moon-stars in the sky

Please Mother tell me why?

Away at work

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