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Make the words yours

Describe the Day (rondeau form of poetry)

Describe the day... please, Max implores
Just take a break from chalkboard chores
I won't break silence in roister
Is it dry, or somewhat moister?
It's invisible from indoors :(

The simple "cloudy" answer -- bores
"If eyes could speak"? -- from this, she soars!
Opens mind with poem's hoister 
Describe the day...

Max told Liesel, "Make the words yours"
She describes the sky as hors d'oeuvres:
The Sun -- "like a silver oyster"
Fed his mind without encloister
Rations of free verse he savours! :)
Describe the day...

[Based on this scene in The Book Thief:

Originally posted here:]

Copyright © Michelle Smith | Year Posted 2019



In case you missed it (free verse form of poetry)

(My own response to Max, from "The Book Thief" -- to describe the sky in my own words. I really saw the clouds like that once!)

The Sun 
looked creamy,
like a pat of butter
melting inside 
chunky white
mashed potatoes 
light and fluffy 
in a big 
China blue 
Just wanted
to tell you,
in case 
you missed it.

[Originally posted here:]

Copyright © Michelle Smith | Year Posted 2018

Copyright © Michelle Smith 2018

Form of Poetry


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