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Freedom Poems

For Granted
by Nadine Oraby

We take life for granted and we think we have forever, but we don’t.

We take our health for granted until we catch a cold,

People never

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Nature and Chaos
by Eva McDonald

I live by a river.
I drive by that river everyday.
Do I look at it, as I drive?
I wish. 
Not that I am

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Life is worth your while
by William Jerome

Life is worth Your while! / While Living

finds its path crenging narrow ways/

 'depending on thy righteous thoughts" of

thy deeds in mansions of habitat curse of


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by Adelaine Lowe

Growth by Adelaine Lowe

For once I am happy

Yes, that may be true.

Still, nobody can bring me down

Quite like you do.


I will still cry I

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by Olufunke Adeoye

On 1st October, 1960
My country, Nigeria, gained independence
Fifty eight years later
We’re still in dependence

Once we had great leaders
Men who fought

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by amaris vazquez

Refugee... a person who has been forced to leave their country. Forced to leave in order to escape war and persecution, leaving so their kids

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by Darlington Chukwunyere

Do you know, static clocks move faster than moving clocks?

Do you know, silence is not the best response to a fool?

Do you know, a man is

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by Kiyesola Kolawole

I always thought I would wage a war, if there was a sword,

I had imagined being the warrior, if there was a battle,

I thought I

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by Zakhele Mncwango

Iphi le ngane eyazalwayo?

Iphi yonke lento esayethenjiswa?

Ithemba lenjabulo salifumbathiswa.

Namanje sisalubambile lolo donga.


Miningi kakhulu manje le minyaka

Kwabulaw' ubandlululo kuleli

Ukuz' engacindezel' unkululeko

Le ngane eyayizozalwa. 

Nanamuhla kusefana nakuqala.


Iph' inkululeko?

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The Queen Letter's 1
by Ronald Campbell

Everyday dewlling in this darkness, the resurrection of an playful fire is my punishment. I lay to remember the beautiful wonders of our once kingdom share

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The American Dream
by yessenia gutierrez

The American Dream,

no such thing as "The American Dream"

where if you're a negro, they'll have you scream

point a gun, shoot, and let you bleed;

Until you

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by Amy Lawson

3 lines a Haiku.
Seventeen syllabels tell,
A lifetime of words.

But the modern day is contemporary,
Lives are captured in the words.
Far from the

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by Bob Taub







The world would be a better place

If people would respect each others race

There are many people that names do call

They are nothing but

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by Rebekah O Reilly

They hate the way that I just know who I am and it’s not up for discussion.

They love the way that when they talk down

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by Rebekah O Reilly

The friendships I’d made,

The ones I’ve forgotten,

Feelings of freedom

and ones that turned rotten.


Days spent zipping,

and slipping,

and plunging in puddles.


The laughter, and after,

God only know s the

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Free will
by Devin Creed

Free will


How subtle,

How winds of fate conquers free will,

Or is it really fate?

Does fate even exist?


How futile, 

How majority of people fail to reconcile,

That the face

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Dutiful Dead Dreams
by Mian Macli-ing

I failed my dreams,

fulfilled someone else’s.


I failed.


I felt fulfilled.


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The Beginning
by Micah Harris

You know that you want it

You're so disappointed

You know that you've owned it

but no one knows it

Just say how you're feeling

You're making a killing

But still

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They Both Desire To Rule
by P. S. Remesh Chandran


Ages there are in which the ration'l man
And th'intuitive stand side by side, the one

In fear of intuition, or

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by Line Monique Gauthier


Dark haired Anne of Green Gables

Freckles and playfully naughty giggle

Hailed from Prince Edward Island


Easygoing bon vivant friendly nature

Everyone couldn’t help but love you

Your nonchalant laissez-faire

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by Line Monique Gauthier


Tonight I choose to be a wise Indian chief

So we breathe as one

Far away meditating atop a lone cliff

And let the heavenly feeling of eternity

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She walks on by
by Line Monique Gauthier



Not a wisp taller than four foot two and


by Line Monique Gauthier


Those wee hours of the morning

Are absolutely amazing

When everyone is asleep

Not a soul to make a peep


It’s marvellously divine

But to be awake by nine

I may

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by Line Monique Gauthier


Tall tale conveyed

A little like a charade


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by Line Monique Gauthier


Damsel dragonfly

How I envy your freedom


Fragile and delicate


You glide

Ever so graceful

With your whispery wings

Translucent in the sunlight

In a carefree dance

Atop a sunray

Onto the next




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