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Free will


Free will


How subtle,

How winds of fate conquers free will,

Or is it really fate?

Does fate even exist?


How futile, 

How majority of people fail to reconcile,

That the face of the false promise they always admire

Is apocryphal

Don't let the wolves be wolves

And the sheep be sheep

We are meant to evolve above this puppet heap,


Go ahead now and cut the cord,

Go ahead now and free your creed,

Your future is upon your accord,

Your soul awaits to be freed,


Between the lines is the key,

There the hidden message will be,

But still you cannot see.

For the hidden message is unto thee.


White lies

Wary eyes


Your demise.

Copyright © Devin Creed 2018

Form of Poetry

Free verse

Author: Devin Creed
I'm a High School Student who loves to write. I'm not really a professional writter, I just love writing.


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