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Free Verse Poems

The Savior And The Sound
by William Kekaula

In your delicate state of mind, upon your awakening, you were uncontrollable and had done an egregious act, punishable to the highest degree of the

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by William Kekaula

Wrote a poem in the sand,

Wonder how it fares if left alone,

Will it bear on its own merits

Or juxtapose by meddling hands,

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My True Desire

Take this away
I silently scream
Where is my heart?
I search for it over and over
What has become of me?
An angry bitter

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The Turntable of Life

On the turntable I spin these songs
Memories of my life
From Floyd to Zepplin
My scars run deep
As I watch that black circle

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yep, gettin there
by sand blown


like this night


long re-tired


that to fathom


only being such


the light of a


god who says i owe


than i can afford


after all these years


and a deity's egotistic


of western philosophy


many borderliners


neaath the grounds


stan sand




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Make the words yours
by Michelle Smith

Describe the Day (rondeau form of poetry)

Describe the day... please, Max implores
Just take a break from chalkboard chores
I won't break silence in roister
Is it dry,

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I've been waiting for you . . .
by Ashmi Sheth

Just hold me in your arms,

And never let me go;

I’ve been craving for your love,

And I ask for nothing more.


I’ve been longing for restful calmness


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The Blowing Wind
by Mitzi Danielson-Kaslik

There must be a reason the wind blows.

The sun shines so the crops can grow,

The night comes with darkness to sleep,

The leaves grow to produce

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You are.
by Sybil Vinson

I see you in many forms. One minute you're liquid, fluid in movement, slidding, gliding, slippery.

Then you are a rock, solid, strong, move back

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1,011 Miles
by Eva McDonald

Last night I had a dream
that I felt your touch.
A kiss
on your lips.
After what feels like forever.
Because to me

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by Eva McDonald

My soul keeps me up at night.
If I move in my sleep,
I disturb her.
She leaps off the bed, 
and walks around the

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I'm Just Trying to Bedazzle
by Eva McDonald

The cheapest glue
in the smallest tube.
And yet the "crazy"
"SUPER glue"
ends up where
I do not need it.
Between my fingers,<>

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Words Said
by Eva McDonald

You say,
"We'll see,"
I take that as a yes.
"Will you call me?"
"We'll see,"
So I stay up and wait,
and wait,

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Nature and Chaos
by Eva McDonald

I live by a river.
I drive by that river everyday.
Do I look at it, as I drive?
I wish. 
Not that I am

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Love and Death
by Eva McDonald

Play me for keeps 
Play me for dead
Anything you want
I don't care
You're in my head
I see you when I sleep

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by Eva McDonald

I sip my coffee.
The taste is bitter, 
All I need is sugar.
You walk in the room, 
And soon I realize,
The sugar needed

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Like You
by Kayla Bailey

I use to dream of someone just like you,

To hold me tight, and see me through. To love my eyes, and to love my

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An Oak Tree
by Michaela Sizemore

an oak tree

that planted more 

just to cast a shadow of doubt 

so wide

they never grow

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Cherry Blossom
by Michaela Sizemore

a single cherry blossom

on a dead and barren tree

on a snowy winter night

that is where she will be

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by Olufunke Adeoye

On 1st October, 1960
My country, Nigeria, gained independence
Fifty eight years later
We’re still in dependence

Once we had great leaders
Men who fought

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by wendy clement

love is like the wind, it blows from one end to another with a gentle touch but has a bitter ending.

love is one step at

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by Kristy Connolly

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Currents of Love
by Heidi Sands

Snowflakes sparkle

Like the twinkle in your eyes

As I wish to hold your hand

In view of the mountains

Where our dreams are spread

In a pure, white, blanket


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by Raynolds Moseamedi

I have wings,
Above the clouds lie my voice
On the ground is where it sings,
In paradise I lay, covered by its pure moist<>

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by Darlington Chukwunyere

Do you know, static clocks move faster than moving clocks?

Do you know, silence is not the best response to a fool?

Do you know, a man is

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