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Flower Poems

From Purgarory to Paradise
by Suzette Richards

The fog has not yet lifted from the enclave. The candyfloss glow of the sun suspended above the horizon of the valley in the Jock

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by Brian Pierre-Alexander

My name is flower
Of number one display and color
To commit suicide I decide
To take nuclear waste or pesticide

Am tired of you people polluting the air

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Cherry Blossom
by Michaela Sizemore

a single cherry blossom

on a dead and barren tree

on a snowy winter night

that is where she will be

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Secret garden
by kyra shennan

Individuals can never truly be known, 

we all hide a part of ourselves away. 

Especially women. 

These parts may not be parts we are ashamed of or afraid

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a bad dream
by mohamad safan

A bad dream
There was a dreamer boy who dreams a lot and does nothing. He plays also when the boy had a pre examine,<>

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by Nam Raj Khatri

Ideas emerge 
search research 
and donot find a way
and fade away
Flowers bloom
shine with sun
sleep with moon
and fade away

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by Line Monique Gauthier


Gliding through mini luscious everglades

Waterlily pads ahead, to the right

Then to the left,

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by Line Monique Gauthier


Someone said hello today

She had the warmest smile

And kindest heart

She was handing out hellos

As if bouquets of pretty flowers

Free just like that

A warm sincere hello


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by Line Monique Gauthier


Not a chance

I’ll say that

I should have spent

more time housecleaning

But I know I will say...

I should have listened more

To those voices deep within

What my soul

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by Cachline Etienne


A northern light,
A starlit night,
A silver flower,
A determined fighter.
As the plant grows in my soul,
It shouldn’t be there, yet

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