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Earth Poems

You are.
by Sybil Vinson

I see you in many forms. One minute you're liquid, fluid in movement, slidding, gliding, slippery.

Then you are a rock, solid, strong, move back

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by Shawna-Lee Lawrence

Kissed by the sun’s rays

I can't identify my noble beginnings

Championed by my attempts at the reigns that feigns my confidence

Golden, if that's what it is


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by Brian Pierre-Alexander

My name is flower
Of number one display and color
To commit suicide I decide
To take nuclear waste or pesticide

Am tired of you people polluting the air

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Remember Us This Way
by Emmanuel Adedayo Ojelade


I look back on the memories we’ve had sometimes ago
When life was free for every one of us, both young and

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by Raynolds Moseamedi

I have wings,
Above the clouds lie my voice
On the ground is where it sings,
In paradise I lay, covered by its pure moist<>

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by kyra shennan

The trees surrounding the lake are so loud today,

 or have I not noticed their haunting yet gentle wails until this steely morning? 

Even though they seem

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a bad dream
by mohamad safan

A bad dream
There was a dreamer boy who dreams a lot and does nothing. He plays also when the boy had a pre examine,<>

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Sweet Architect
by Emmanuel Adedayo Ojelade

Sweet architect!
I hope you are listening to the clamors in my head
I hope you see the pain I feel in my chest

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The Existence of a Superhero
by Victor Isaiah

In the vast sphere realm, Made of soils and Waters of the earth. Anticipated I the wayfare of no mayhem, While I traverse on the sea's heart. Embark I

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Time Before
by Brian Sluga

Rocks, water and strong wind


it was like time before 


a time when life was secluded and untouched 


as if man never existed 


pristine grass covered hills


no litter, no

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The Vatican
by Ronald Campbell

woe to you evil men, the priesthood is dead go run and tell it! for eternal power gave it religion. which men has turn it

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The Queen's Letters 2
by Ronald Campbell

thus my husband who is the kinglessking, I am his trespasser, for never shall our moon and sun cross path, what has become of me?

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The Queen Letter's 1
by Ronald Campbell

Everyday dewlling in this darkness, the resurrection of an playful fire is my punishment. I lay to remember the beautiful wonders of our once kingdom share

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To Saorsie
by Rick Summat

To Saoirse


As winter yields
and April fades to May
the lengthening days
awaken cigarette haze
and Tullamore Dew

cloaked memories
of that summer we shared

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by Brian Sluga

dogs are so happy and self-indulged 


I observe them long and over time


they seem content about life


do not worry in the dark for their sins


do not

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Higher up
by Maria Sharon Moemise

Higher up
                     Sharon Maria Moemise

The sob you hear escaping my lips
The tears you see

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                                                         THE DUST ON WORLD’S EYES.

The earth  crying  of pains , the Sky’s  eyes running tears, complains of losing sight. 

Rolling in phases  the  destruction

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Nature And Me On The Riverside
by P. S. Remesh Chandran

When I appear there Nature seems to
Dance and dance and dance,
When I disappear she is prone to
Weep and

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by P. S. Remesh Chandran


Him fountain of eternal joy from
Where life is renewed,
Ageing and life to be drained out, exit
From the world is

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by Line Monique Gauthier


When the moon rises

Stirring from their trance

Somewhere between heaven and earth

The night creatures come alive

Roaring rolling seas of fantasy

Glistening waves under starry skies

Bewitching dancers of

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by Line Monique Gauthier


The poor little thing, he was just a’shivering

Scared right out of his wits I’d see him jolting

Bewildered, seeking strong arms to hold him tight

To make

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by Line Monique Gauthier


Another generation

Wiped off the face of the earth

With its untold stories

Buried secrets

Unreachable depths

Irretrievable treasures

Souls from the past

Shrouded in grey clouds

Dissipating in the distance

Gone in a

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What Did We See
by Brian Sluga

a strange sense of adventure

just chasing an attraction

top of my bucket list

Antarctica a place lost from man’s view

or is it just frozen in time?


we can

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