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Dream Poems

by Chloe Ebelhar

I have a little bird nestled in my head

Flying through the dreams I've had in my bed

Its soft wings hold stories untold

They whisper at me

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Thorn In My Flesh
by Racheal Chitondwe

Thorn in my flesh

You’re a thorn in my flesh

A thorn in my foot yet I carry on

Suddenly I am unable to translate the pain I

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I am Nothing
by Paghunda Zahid

I am nothing,

Standing right in the middle of nothingness

Doing a lot, but nothing,

Gained a lot, but nothing

Worth nothing____ absolutely nothing,

And waiting, waiting for something

That too

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The Small Dog from Shansi
by William Kekaula

There was a scholar from Shansi City,
Miffed by folks he stayed in an priory,
Peaceful, but bothered by its many bugs,
So he bundled

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Tale Of Love's Challenge
by William Kekaula

Hail the phantom moon that traverses the murky chambered recesses of a remnant domain. Unspool gently for favorite eyes that cast within your magical lure

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1,011 Miles
by Eva McDonald

Last night I had a dream
that I felt your touch.
A kiss
on your lips.
After what feels like forever.
Because to me

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Like You
by Kayla Bailey

I use to dream of someone just like you,

To hold me tight, and see me through. To love my eyes, and to love my

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Twist, twist
by mohamad safan

The heart is twisted 

Like a dancer did 

When one heard 

A melody 

Telling something important 

Showing the heart interesting 

In hearing a talent 


A bout deathless love 

Giving and sacrifice 


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The Story In My Head (The Man Sitting In Your Front)
by Emmanuel Adedayo Ojelade

THE STORY IN MY HEAD (The Man Sitting In Your Front)

He’s not a human being – No, he is less of that
He might’ve been

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let me live
by mohamad safan

Let me live at your eyes

One says

You must be a sailor as swimmer or fly

You must have a way to be

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by Raynolds Moseamedi

I have wings,
Above the clouds lie my voice
On the ground is where it sings,
In paradise I lay, covered by its pure moist<>

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you are the sun
by mohamad safan

you are the sun    
comes with warm
and brings calm
you are the word
that lovers demand
from  their love say
you comes with happy<>

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a bad dream
by mohamad safan

A bad dream
There was a dreamer boy who dreams a lot and does nothing. He plays also when the boy had a pre examine,<>

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Guinea Pepper Seed Poetry
by Waveney Lander-Walters

He called my poem
Wise and tropical
The heat of the Caribbean:

The tongue of the goddess
Years of eating so much
Fishcakes lace

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by Brandon Connor

An explosion of hair in her face is disclosing
the beauty of the eyes veiled beholding
a dream unfolding where the poor are gold and
war is at

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When Our Love Has Gone And Left Us
by Waveney Lander-Walters

The Queen's Letters 3
by Ronald Campbell

The day comes dear husband and the truth is hidden and the great pain of me speaks once more. For I alone am barren without

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The Past is Past
by Lujane Elobeid

The past is past, but not with you

You’re worth of truth, but now you’re gone

The trees have leaves, but then they fall

I’m sure you are

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The American Dream
by yessenia gutierrez

The American Dream,

no such thing as "The American Dream"

where if you're a negro, they'll have you scream

point a gun, shoot, and let you bleed;

Until you

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by Line Monique Gauthier


Gliding through mini luscious everglades

Waterlily pads ahead, to the right

Then to the left,

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by Line Monique Gauthier


I went to the zoo to feed a giraffe

Brought some chocolates to

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by Line Monique Gauthier


Crowded bustling crossroads

 people watching

 public faces  private souls

 universes onto themselves


Multidimensional yet vacant shells

 distorted souls receded deep within

 clouded over as if camouflaged

 compact pressure points


Of bubbling emotion desire

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I dream a day I dream a night
by Line Monique Gauthier


I dream a day

     With clouds at bay

     And sun shines bright

     To make things right

     Birds in the sky


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by Line Monique Gauthier



I dream

Of filling

by Line Monique Gauthier


I’m still confused about

What I want to leave behind

I would like to touch lives significantly

But have yet to determine how

And what my brand will be


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