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Ballad Poems

by Shawna-Lee Lawrence

I can't imagine when a great thing didn't come from a whisper

A whisper of the wind...

A whisper of the body...

A whisper of the mind...


I can

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by kyra shennan

You smell like caramel,
your skin is like caramel,
You are caramel.
Sweet, comforting,
but after too much of you I get sick and we

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I love salad
by Amber Castro

I can't wait to eat that salad you're makin'

With crunchy croutons and loads of bacon,

Creamy ranch and loads of cheese.

A side of crusty french bread,

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by Rebekah O Reilly


I never anticipated this,

the blue eyed boy,

or the we don’t click.

It’s all clicks to you,

it’s hit and miss.

But I never anticipated it.

So undeniable is this,


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