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Enjoy this excellent collection of poems by Writerly Words authors and poets. While many poetry collections focus on the vivid memories and poetry of famous poets, our poets are living and breathing souls who express life in a way to which we can relate. We hope poets will only post their best works and we hope that readers will enjoy these dramatic and purposeful writings of friendship, childhood, passion, grief, comfort, and more.

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Member Poems

by Aska Makori
The World Below
by Michael Henry
by Ashmi Sheth
by Martha Mwenda
Two consciousness
by Nathan Munroe
The Blowing Wind
by Mitzi Danielson-Kaslik
You are.
by Sybil Vinson
A - Anarchy
by North Calantoni
For Granted
by Nadine Oraby
by Kibisu Amudala
1,011 Miles
by Eva McDonald
Like You
by Kayla Bailey
Morning Glory
by Shaniel Edwards
Letter to the Unfaithful Wife
by Shawna-Lee Lawrence
by Brian Pierre-Alexander
Ben's Back
by Austin Mitchell
meet again
by sabrina espanio
by Zuzanna Salinska
An Oak Tree
by Michaela Sizemore
Count the days
by Alyssia Ivelja
by mohamad safan
Aww Pity me
by William Jerome
by Gillyan Gilchrist
In My Pocket
by Adelaine Lowe
You Never Broke Me
by Caroline Coyle

How Co-Parenting Is Critically Effective Even After Separation?

Co-parenting after a separation can be hard. The partnership between you and your ex-partner can make parenting specifically challenging. You may be worried about financial safety and security, child assistance, burned out by dispute, or bothered with getting rid of animosity in your relationship. C Read More

Depression in Youths

“You’re just like your worthless father. You will never amount to anything and even with all the subjects that you have you will still come out to nothing. Your brother who hasn’t even graduated will have to take care of you.” Bella’s mom screamed at the young adult and Read More

Friend's Sting: When a Friend Betrays You

When a friend betrays you, it hurts. First, there's the denial stage where you are like, ' no, it can't be them, they can't do this to me'. And you don't want to ever accept the fact that they stabbed you in the back and removed the knife so fast, you'd bleed to death. Read More

Are You a Daddy's Girl

It is believed that daughters usually lean more to their fathers. We always hear “daddy’s girl” and we even see it printed on baby girls’ clothes. It is something that is confirmed by almost every human being in every generation since ever. So it is not a trend or a mere desc Read More

You are Not Alone in Your Feelings

Hi, I know you are reading that now. You will also realize that you relate so much to the words scattered here. You will feel it is too relevant because it describes you best and delves deeper into your heart core. You will say, “finally, somebody understands.” But I would tell you do Read More

Reader-Response Critical Approach Towards Analysing William Blake's "A Poison Tree"

By Adeyemi Joshua.  In my own view, William Blake's "A Poison Tree" is an allegorical piece: painting a particular picture that  contains another impression or concept, though related to it.     The title of the Poem only already possess a power of comman Read More