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Creative Out-Let Go of Writer's Block

  • read: "How to write a poem" under Poetry Resources -- follow steps
  • create a book review/ reaction/ reflection while reading/ after finishing a book -- in any Poem Type format you want -- write while your feelings about it are still fresh, or after you've had time to think, but before you forget about it
  • if there's something in what they wrote that reminds you of your own life, share about that -- write something different in your own words
  • share different emotions that strike you -- delight, sympathy, amusement, pity, puzzled, thoughtful, inquisitive, tragic melodramatic melancholy, whatever
  • if a beautiful setting strikes you in something you read, describe it in a poem
  • if a character from something you read meant something to you, try to put them into words -- different words than the author
  • if you can only think of one rhyme, that's cool -- a "couplet" is a poem too! :)
  • haiku can be fun and easy because it's just 3 lines and doesn't have to rhyme
  • free verse and blank verse can express things without having to rhyme either
  • if you think of just the title -- start writing, and while attempting to add rhyming stanzas -- a story might surprisingly take shape
  • keep a little notepad by your bed in case your mind stays awake w/ writing ideas that you can brainstorm and develop the next day
  • bring a notepad with you everywhere in case you want to jot down a rhyme or story in case you forget before logging back into Poetry Soup
  • have fun experimenting with different Types of Poems you've never used before (listed in Poetry Soup) 
  • check other famous poems and famous poets to imitate their styles for a while
  • rewrite an old-fashioned poem using modern language we understand better
  • take a look-see in the Poetry Soup contests for a motivational "assignment" to start working on
  • read other Poetry Soupers' poems -- from featured poems of the day, or individual poets' lists... then:
  • respond to another poet's poem, song, or story -- let it inspire new thoughts
  • tell a story about something funny that happened today or before
  • write to a loved one who passed away -- to apologize, to forgive, to remember, or dedicate an Ode or Name acrostic poem in their honor -- even if they won't get to read it, it's still a healing experience within the grieving
  • describe a memory before you forget all about it; embellish and fictionalize a bit if you wish, you can change the ending too -- you're the writer
  • fictionalize a part of your life that you wish were different or more than it is right now
  • rewrite an alternate ending to a book -- like a choose-your-own-adventure
  • use a popular tune to rewrite a song with different lyrics that rhyme like that
  • write down something that you would normally want to tell someone out loud
  • be observant of other people and the little things they do and say, then describe them creatively (hopefully kindly)
  • just share a snippet of something you'd like to write more on someday
  • memorialize a special day and what it meant to you
  • look at a picture and a quote, and put together a poem based on them
  • go off on a tangent, and don't worry you're not getting graded here, just write
  • make up words like in the Jabberwocky poem! :D
  • make up silly definitions for obsolete words (like in the Balderdash game!)
  • look at the bright side of something and cheer us up
  • expand upon a Scripture verse; rephrase it into rhyming verse if you like
  • compose a prayer and share it with others to pray along! :)
  • always cite the readings/ sources that inspired you, to give credit where credit is due

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