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Writerly Words™ is a community for writers and those who are in the writing and publishing industry. It is a free resource which provides a forum for writers to display their talents. By merely posting content like book excerpts, short stories, poems, scripts, screenplays and more, you receive free perks such as blogs, a web page, and other resources to promote your work.

Our development staff is always building creative writing tools to help your productivity. We have a free grammar checker, syllable counter, word counter, cliche finder, and more. Our goal is to provide free resources to make your life easier. You don't have to be a member to use the tools.

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Suicide Is Not An Option

A lot of questions arises when you hit the rock bottom and everything seem like terror. When all you have ever had vanished into thin air like it never existed,when you felt like your existence was meaningless and you felt like life was being cruel to you. All you need at that moment to survive is n Read More


Who is a friend?  A friend according to the Oxford Advanced learners’ dictionary is a person who has the same interests and opinions as yourself, and who will help and support you. This is someone we run to in bad and good times, someone to whom we pour our hearts to, someone who knows th Read More


I'ma Keep it short and sweet ??????   Let me be straight here, no lies, no sugar coating. If you are in a toxic relationship, chances are, you are aware of this but something is keeping you there. It could be a kid, money, prestige, blood, infatuation in the name of love' Read More

Getting Lost Through Technology

Around dinner tables, in church, shopping malls, classrooms, everywhere, one cannot stop to be overwhelmed by the rated life is passing by due to the usage of tech gadgets (more especially cellphones and or laptops) Truly said, we are in an age where they play a very important role in our lives, but Read More

A Time to Love and a Time to Walk

I remember this one time I was in a bus headed back home; I stay in Mwiki which is a three hours drive from where I work. I love sitting by the window so that I can stare through at how people are living their lives out there, look at the big mansions on the way then try and imagine how beautiful th Read More

Introduction to God's Favor

Have you ever come across people who have their whole lives figured out like damn! You're left wondering what's your purpose in this life? Ok, let me ask you a real question now... Have you ever joined a new environment like started working in a new company or started learning in a new sc Read More
Paghunda Zahid

I love putting my thoughts into words.. ...

Robert Kinard

Robert Lee Kinard, 61 Born and raised in Buffalo New York, who lives in Williamsburg Va former soldier, work as club DJ and Now a Poet My pin name ...

Steve Harvell

Southern gent from 2 light town,inspired by older generation. A Godly man of heart,dedication to survival and dreams. No failure but will to succeed a...

Ekoja Okewu

I am Ekoja Solomon from Nigeria. I love engaging in writeups that spur humanity into action...

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Word List Generator

Create word lists for educational purposes or brainstorming. Generate random words based on parts of speech or create a list of words that are related to another word.

Plagiarism Checker

Your writings are your livelihood. So, you want to make sure that no one is using them without permission. Use this tool to search the internet and see if some has stolen your work.

Syllable Counter

We often have non-writers ask, "Why does someone need to count syllables?" Well, if you are a poet, you know why. This syllable counter will count the number of syllables in a body of text.