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Writerly Words™ is a community for writers and those who are in the writing and publishing industry. It is a free resource which provides a forum for writers to display their talents. By merely posting content like book excerpts, short stories, poems, scripts, screenplays and more, you receive free perks such as blogs, a web page, and other resources to promote your work.

Our development staff is always building creative writing tools to help your productivity. We have a free grammar checker, syllable counter, word counter, cliche finder, and more. Our goal is to provide free resources to make your life easier. You don't have to be a member to use the tools.

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The Basic Elements of a Poem

Poems are the end result of the literary process of writing poetry. The word poetry is also used as the collective noun for a collection of poems, and may have a singular or plural verb agreement. I have reached the conclusion that however long or short a poem is these three main elements need to Read More

The Power of Waiting

THE POWER OF WAITING Someone once told me that I’m desperate for life; I didn’t know what that meant, but maybe I was.  I looked around me, everybody seemed to have everything I wanted; money, jobs, cars, big houses, prestigious friends, weekend plans… I was just there, st Read More


The following are the major form of prose:   Long Prose-works Examples of The Great prose works and their Authors- ROGER ASCHAM – THE SCHOOL MASTER SIR THOMAS BROWNE- VULGAR ERRORS DAVID HUME- HISTORY OF ENGLAND JOHN ARBUTHNOT- HISTORY OF JOHN BULL   Read More


  The first Indian poet to receive the Nobel Prize for Literature in the year 1913 is RABINDRANATH TAGORE The first recipient of the Bhartiya Jnanpith  Award is G. SHANKARA KURUP The founder of the Bhartiya Jnanpith is SAHU SHANTI PRASAD JAIN The first recipient of the sahitya Read More


  CRITICISM: In the words of Walter pater, “”Criticism is the art of interpreting art. It serves as an intermediary between the author and the reader by explaining the one to the other. By his special aptitude and training, the critic feels the virtue of a masterpiece, dis eng Read More

Your Role as a Parent

Being a parent is definitely not an easy task; however it is not impossible as well. Everyone shares this common dream of getting a good job, choosing the right match, falling in love, getting married and becoming a parent. Wanting to become a parent is one of our instincts as human beings. Imagine Read More
William Kekaula

I am a retiree of the hospitality industry, presently, residing in my birthplace town of Hilo, Island of Hawaii, a.k.a. Big Island, in the 50th State ...

Steve Harvell

Southern gent from 2 light town,inspired by older generation. A Godly man of heart,dedication to survival and dreams. No failure but will to succeed a...

Suzette Richards

I’m a retired bookkeeper – born and raised in Cape Town; now living in the Highveld region. I’m passionate about writing. Since 2012, I have joined a ...

Christine Schimanski

Christine Schimanski comes from a family of six, two brothers and three sisters. I was born in a Queens NY Naval Hospital in 1964. I have published ...

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Word List Generator

Create word lists for educational purposes or brainstorming. Generate random words based on parts of speech or create a list of words that are related to another word.

Plagiarism Checker

Your writings are your livelihood. So, you want to make sure that no one is using them without permission. Use this tool to search the internet and see if some has stolen your work.

Syllable Counter

We often have non-writers ask, "Why does someone need to count syllables?" Well, if you are a poet, you know why. This syllable counter will count the number of syllables in a body of text.