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Coming from a small town growing up in Indiana. Born to the best parents one could ask for. Was a carpenter throughout my life. Married to my wife, Shannon, which now has passed on, and together had five children, all grown now. William Jr., Tiphanie, Brandon, Joshua, Austin. Hello, I'm William Sr. Thanks for stopping!


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Raised up in a Christian home. Small resort lake vacationing in the summer. Went to Hanover Central Jr & Sr High school. Graduated with a gpa 3.0, major woods, english. Joined the Carpenter's Union #223. Indianapolis,In. Worked in the carpenter profession for 25 years. Had a family and moved to Rensselaer, IN. Worked at the college as a lead carpenter foreman and leased a local service station. Just service pumps for gas, full service, no garage. I had health issues, and worked as long as I could last. Cancer, lymphoma. My oldest son passed away 2010, and my wife passed away from colitis, in 2007. Four remaining adult children now. A daughter, lives in Michigan, we have a very good bond. She pays our phone's, bless  her soul. She tries to be active in my health care when she can. Not much at all really, living up there in Michigan, but power of attorney she has. A son just, northern Indiana has a daughter, my grandchild, another on the way. A troubled son incarcerated, be there next 6 years. Shame really. I have another son, 18 now, has a different mother. He hasn't really been in my life due to his mother. It just me, and my rescue cat. Had him a year and 4-5 months now. We keep each other company. He just got fixed, haha, and the look he gave, I'll tell you what. I'm 54, 2016 just had a double bypass. Haven't seen oncology Dr in the last 3 years. A blessing. And I have a few things I'd like do, as long as I stop breaking my laptop. Dropped it and was wanting to learn software development. Give it a shot anyways. If nothing else, I can contribute to Open Source Software Project in other ways. As that's our future and the evolving electronics and technology evolves every day. Well that's about it. An education, and a looking to freelance or supplement income some way. Thanks for reading, probably not even stay on issue. But I do my writing and web searching via, cellular device. Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Or talking all over the place not stay focused on task.  Lol ... Need laughs a little, keep your spirit's up. Take care. Happy New Year!


William P Darnell Sr.



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