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Victor Mukoshi

I am a creative writer and blogger. I find solace in words and I always have a way with words. I am outgoing but I have mastered the art of listening ...

Janelle Molony

Foster mom, adoptive mom, special needs mom, super mom. All of the above. ...

Jacob Osae

Jacob Amanor Osae was born in Ghana and attended the University of Ghana where he studied Physics and learnt Creative Writing on his own. He is a Poet...

rochelle jones

My name is Rochelle Jones and I am 62 years old. I have worked as a Special Education Teacher for most of my life with nursing jobs here and there. I ...

Gabrielle Bidwell

A girl with some words to share...

Mira Goodwin

Polished Author & Artist...

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Silverbirch, Lily Strong focus in poetry and short fiction but have also written articles and essays as well as nonfiction. Currently working on two manuscripts in the...more
Mukoshi, Victor I am a creative writer and blogger. I find solace in words and I always have a way with words. I am outgoing but I have mastered the art of listening ...more
Wilson, Karen Writing is in my blood......more
Molony, Janelle Foster mom, adoptive mom, special needs mom, super mom. All of the above. ...more
Osae, Jacob Jacob Amanor Osae was born in Ghana and attended the University of Ghana where he studied Physics and learnt Creative Writing on his own. He is a Poet...more
Williams, Dallin Just a student in Show Low....more
Lee, Nick I am a wandering soul, seeking redemption. ...more
Thomas, Yanique I am 16 years of age and a fast typer trying to help my parents pay their bills. Please hire me as your typer....more
and Sons, Taylor If there is consider of an overflow and lack of water on the daily routine than it is the simplest problem of gas plumber Melbourne service that turns...more
DeRosa, Viktoriya an avid writer. a police officer. looking to expand my writing abilities...more
Payne, Kennedy I don’t do jobs using the contest money for college (Yale)...more
Horton, Maggie I love writing....more
Battle , Mya A young writer from St. Louis, simply working more on my craft. ...more
jones, rochelle My name is Rochelle Jones and I am 62 years old. I have worked as a Special Education Teacher for most of my life with nursing jobs here and there. I ...more
Bidwell, Gabrielle A girl with some words to share...more
Goodwin, Mira Polished Author & Artist...more
Cooper, Cheryl I am a mother and grandmother who has been telling stories most of my life. I hope to one day have the privilege of calling myself a writer and author...more
Tapp, Sianeé I write As a form of therapy. Writing for me is an expression of who I was and who I am now and how I got here. I love with all I have and have a true...more
Ranieri, Jason Jason Ranieri attended Worcester State University and was Freshman Class President. He graduated cum laude in his major, History. He passed the Educat...more
Storey, Alice I’m Alice and I’m 17 from the north of the UK...more
Cloyd, Brent A Baptist preacher, a student of life, who loves a good story and enjoys the poem....more
Drinkwine, Samuel I am an aspiring author in the realm of fiction. I am 18 years old, and I have been writing since I was a child. I am currently trying my hand at writ...more
Patrick, Shalanda Oving mom caring friendly. Very spiritual . Open to others. Believe in being good and generous....more
Mcloughlin, Joshua Ok I am not a religious person but it frustrates me when someone from a different religion thinks the know what's best but I am not standing their tak...more
Sands, Heidi I am a freelance writer with article publications in Woman's Own Magazine, ParentGuide News, Our Journey, Franklin Publishing Culture Journal and Lond...more
Eboh, Diana A aspiring writer...more
Simmons, Hannah Words will speak....more
hamza, Ameer I am a professional English writer.In this profession i have five years experiance.I am much interested in online writing jobs.By education i have don...more
Sloan, Emily 25 years old. Went to school to get my CDL License at 21 and drove over the road with my husband for a year and a half. Left the road and now I drive ...more
Wynter, Daichanda I am sixteen years old and most of my writing is poetry. I was inspired by Jhene Aiko, style is so indie and peaceful. I feel I connect with her on a ...more
Kaminaga, Josephine Born and raised in California. Cat lover....more
Dikuma, Jemima I'm a 20 year old, female, pre-law student with a passion for words. Aside from proofreading and editing, I enjoy honing my skills in creative writing...more
Brun, Alex I’m Alex. I’m 18. I write fiction, especially stuff with magical and fantasy aspects. I love Fablehaven and Percy Jackson. I’m super into Greek and Ro...more
Guymer, Kristen Dedicated writer; lost in a book....more
Qaiyoom, Huda A high school student who loves writing and poetry....more
Spencer, Demetria My name is Demetria Spencer and I love to write poems, story's about my life which encourage me to more. Im a young writers that watches things happe...more
Danielson-Kaslik , Mitzi I’m 14 and Interested in history and English ...more
Tohill, Shontai I'm Xavier, although this isn't my real name I would prefer to keep that to myself for now. I'm a 14-year-old high school student who's from New Zeala...more
Booth, Michael Writer since the second grade. Spent 30 years as Producer and Scriptwriter of mostly corporate video programs. Awarded EMMY for Scriptwriting by NAT...more
Raymond, nancy 18 years old with a love of writting. A poor girl with the fear of the future. A girl with not many friends trying to find where she belongs in life...more
Lillis, Robert Free your mind and allow the pen to do most of the work. I am just a puzzle piece for this big picture which I stand upon below my feet. Writing and m...more
Acrich, Marc Marc Acrich, a poet His writing tackles love, social issues, history, the sweetness of life, and heartaches. ...more
Reynolds, Renata Oh...more
Baker, Narekah I am only 17 years old but I have a passion for writing. Writing helps me to breathe. I believe that to change the world it takes one pen at a time,on...more
Korell, Charlotte Lives in Australia...more
Pearl, Hannah I have always loved writing, it is an escape from reality....more
Margarson, Faye I love all things literary, and utterly believe that a life without books is a life half lived. I write to make sense of my thoughts, feelings and the...more
Barrett, Jassett I love writing a lot....more
Baumann, Nevaeh I’m 11 years old, and have loved to write ever since I could write...more
Flint, Anna I'm currently a University student, itching to get out and travel the world. I study English and creative writing, and have taken to poetry. ...more
Thevenin, Naomi I like to write, I write stories and poems...more
Paduret, Ligia Currently enrolled at the Manchester Metropolitan University studying English and Creative Writing. I seek to further my professional career in the ed...more
johnson, curtis I am happily married to Barbara for 46 years. I have been retired for 6 years and love writing poems and short stories about my life and upbringing. ...more
Convirs, Charity Born in Kalispell Montana in the year 95 I have two siblings both younger than me I'm the oldest I currently live in Siloam Springs Arkansas and have ...more
Buchanan, Eve Mother of two humans one dog loves reading, movies and creative writing. Big imagination ...more
addino, victoria Victoria Addino, Author as well as an individual who loves music, art, and theater. She was born and raised in Yonkers, NY. She attended Mercy College...more
Teaca, Maria Hello! I am Maria, a young writer looking for friends and maybe some writing jobs!...more
Tidmarsh , Patricia I’m 14 years old and love to write. I love writing romance and point horror ...more
Mercado, Isabel :) just a neat writer...more
WILSON, JUNIOR Am interested in becoming a great writer...more
Lake, Catherine I am a 30 year old mom of two and an aspirin g writer since I can remember. I enjoy writing fiction, non-fiction, but am open to new things. I have so...more
T, Nancy Experienced poetry writer, looking for TV/ script writing assignments. ...more
Campbell , Nashoy Nashoy Campbell is a native Jamaican, she was born and bred in a humble community called Chudleigh. she is 28 years of age but is a stalwart in her ac...more
Crowe, Kemoy I am a young writer full of passion and potential. ...more
Mawela, Thabang Hey you! yes you... the one reading this my name is Thabang Mawela I am a writer, I am a writer I write to express not to impress,and also a fond rug...more
..., Lauren dsg...more
Spiridon, Claudia Often inspired, sometimes writing. What can you expect from my writing: short stories are my medium, length varies a lot, too many characters that ...more
Davison, Ashley A woman with a history to speak and share. I have experienced many things in my years and wish to share and help others. Knowledge is power. ...more
Reddall, Sherie Lived a tromatizing life, have 3 grown kids, I'm an artist, been writing all my life I have a few published poems and I like Art's and crafts...more
Pollard, Tia'liyah I just like to write and you can a lot about someone through their writing....more
Williams, Sheree Ann I am trustworthy and is ready to work. You can receive information within two hours after I have received it....more
Dixon, Michelle-Ann I'm a high school teacher with 14 years experience. I teach English Language and English Literature. I'm excellent at proofreading, transcription and...more
Lawler, Twana Three of screenplay written by myself, “Who Did I Marry? “Gods Precious Jewels” and “When a Woman’s Fed Up” all are on AMAZON PRIME. enter titled in s...more
Tibbles , Cheyne Hi...more
Tarleton, Gill I'm Gill 46 years young mum of 3 one child has a severe muscle wasting disease duchenne muscular distrovy x...more
McAlister, Lincoln Writing to you...more
David, Trevor i'm just a soul whose intentions are good oh lord please don't let me be misunderstood-- eternally spiffy....more
Nash, Stephanie I am a hardworking person...more
Abdikarim, Ilhaan I unsuspectingly loved writing all my life and realized that it is what I want to do besides art. I am sixteen years old living in North Minneapolis a...more
Kozniuk, Shannon Im an electrician student. ...more
Anderson, Nicole I am a processional writer who believes that the art of writing is to be appreciated and taken seriously....more
J, Grace My name's Grace and I'm a teenager who enjoys writing and making music. I grew up with a passion for English and history and was extraordinarily bless...more
Joshua, Courtney A university graduate and an English language instructor with a passion for human rights, specifically the right to education!...more
Waldrop, Kasey 26 year old college student learning to use writing as a creative outlet for my emotions. ...more
Rose, Annie A master piece in progress... ...more
Gooden, Andrew M. Andrew M. Gooden is a hearing-impaired citizen of the island Jamaica. He resides in the central region of the island and he enjoys assisting the stud...more
Shelott, Kylie нι ιм яєα∂єяяєωяιттєи, куℓιє σя ку. ιм αи αѕριяιиg ωяιтєя, α тσтαℓ вσσк иєя∂ αи∂ fαиgιяℓ. ι αм α ρяσυ∂ gяуfιии∂σя, ∂ινєяgєит, тяιвυтє, ѕєℓє¢тє∂ qυєєи,...more
Storm, Emma Favorite Books: Harry Potter, Neighborhood Girls, ...more
Fartais, Angélique Canadian born and raised and has learnt to love reading and writing....more
Shawsmith, Andrian Hi there. Amateur writer at your service. I might be a newbie that doesn't have years of practice or degrees under my belt but tries to pay great atte...more
Irvine , Sheree I have been writing poetry since the death of my brother 13 years ago. I have 4 children and husband all that i adore and love very much along with m...more
Salinska, Zuzanna Drawing is the purpose. Writing is the insight....more
Dalton, Stephen Stephen L. Dalton is a freelance writer and editor, who writes articles, blogs, and short stories. Stephen has a degree in journalism from the Univers...more
Peiffer, Anita Hi! I'm Anita Peiffer. I've been writing off and on as a hobby for 20 years. I've recently decided to aim for a secondary career in writing, with a...more
vazquez, amaris I love to write. I want to reach people and save lives through my words and writings. spreading positivity is the goal and keeping everyone alive is t...more
Dacre, Oliver Are you looking for a practical way to extend your living area with the purpose of spending quality time? Contact Superb Pergolas N Decks for professi...more
Darnell Sr. , William Coming from a small town growing up in Indiana. Born to the best parents one could ask for. Was a carpenter throughout my life. Married to my wife, Sh...more
Gooden, Mellesa I enjoy painting, sculpting, listening to music and writing...more
Ak, Antonia 21 year old girl with a love for words ...more
Hall, John George reeves was murdered on July 16 1959. But most people did not know he was dead. Until Geraldo Rivera stated investigating the case. My mom tha...more

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