Short Stories

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These are original short stories and English prose written by authors from all over the globe. This volume aims to expose readers and publishers to the beautiful works of member writers. The stories are on a variety of topics such as humor, love, science fiction, history, and beyond. We hope that you can help determine which short stories and authors are the most notable, and, which writings reach the highest quality of literature. If you are a publisher and like the works of these authors, please contact them using our Writerly Words interface.

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Member Short Stories

Unrequited love
by Florence Ezekiel
His Badass
by Jessie Bonful
Joke on Me
by Aska Makori
The Natives
by Oluchi Idaboh
A Day 100 Years From Now
by Oluchi Idaboh
Glasses Girl and Letterman Jacket Guy: part three
by Juanita Smith
Glasses Girl and Letterman Jacket: sequel
by Juanita Smith
by Nebechi Grace Ezennaya
A Day 100 Years from Now
by Francesca Pappadogiannis
Lost Away
by Tolu Babs
by Emmanuel Ezenobi
by Emmanuel Ezenobi
A Century to Come
by Daniel Uchendu
100 days from now.
by Sinead Nagle
A 100 years from now
by Omphile Kesenogile
The Civilization
by Judias Jude
The bridge
by Judias Jude
I am Human
by Shamar Howell
Planet Progeria
by Stephen McLean
Visitation of the Elders
by Justin Tabao
The Mysterious Planet
by Zaina Khwaja
a day 100 years from now
by fatima khan
Free Willy But Let My Poems Travel
by Waveney Lander-Walters
A Dream for Africa, 100 years Later
by ugwu kelvin
by ugwu kelvin

Just a Boy in Love

There is a song by LP that my former crush and I sing to each other, or sometimes to ourselves. It's called 'Lost on You'. It’s a song for the hopeless romantics, the after math. Life is hard but it’s even tougher when love doesn't exist. I spend most of my evenings chill Read More

Cultivating New Life Stories

I was always looking for new stories. Stories that never end. Stories that would allow healthy vines to grow beautifully into the garden of my life, and fulfill my endless dreams. Stories that could replenish my soul to overcome the gaps of the noisy weeds which cause to linger the movements of my l Read More

Will Online Writing Bring Enough To Live?

Well-written, informative and thoughtful articles are the ones that decide the future of a writer’s career. Writers, who are loved by readers for their style of writing and also for the interesting things they generally write about, are eagerly sought after by publishers and their commissi Read More

Tips for Honing Your Writing Skills

Producing great writing requires that you polish your writing skills. This cannot happen by just sitting and imagining your writing flaws and promising to fix them. Here are a few tips to help you hone your writing skills.  1. Be a frequent reader There’s power in becoming a habitua Read More

Why Literature Needs Freedom

In some heavily censored countries, freedom of literature seems surreal, almost unattainable. However, for most writers elsewhere in the world, literature itself, either reading or creating it, always alludes to freedom. Literature is the only known medium used for conveying maintaining and appr Read More

Ignite Your Writing Prompts

A writing prompt is a short statement, description, word, or question which has the goal of helping you release the floodgates of creative writing. A writing prompt can be almost anything that sets your mind on a journey or which inspires and builds your creativity. Prompts empower you to express yo Read More

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