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Aspiring screenwriters, here is your opportunity to display excerpts of your movie scripts and screenplays to people from all over the world. Did you know that posting your work online establishes copyright with a date and time stamp? Yes, it does!

These scripts should adhere stringently to established screenwriting rules and standards. If you want to be a screenwriter, you need to read and study many screenplays. Acquiring a glimpse of these inspiring and talented writers may provide valuable depth to your knowledge base.

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I Thought

Posterity will be given a topic to talk on, an ever continuous topic, an unending case into reality, a pragmatic topic and a purpose driven inquisitiveness that runs down the spines of people like me, certainly, it is 'how I thought you think'. I started questioning my peers on the decision Read More

Does the Media Fulfill or Fail Its Functions?

The functions of the media are to inform, educate, and entertain the general public.  The question might be posed, however: does the media fulfill or fail these functions? Well, personally I believe that the media only partially fulfills its functions. From my knowledge, I would th Read More

Mistakable Words: There, They're, and Their

English can be very difficult when writing. Several words may sound the same but have different definitions. Hence, one must be very careful when writing as these mistakes are easy to make. If you’re not sure which word is correct for your message, it doesn’t hurt to do a quick Google ch Read More

Five Ways to Avoid Common Writing Mistakes

As an author, it is essential to maintain your credibility. One way to do this is by avoiding common writing errors and mistakes. Learning the various techniques that industry leaders use to avoid making these mistakes can result in creating nicely-written work on which that reader can depend. Here Read More

Brief Tips on Becoming a Novelist

Novel writing can be an exciting endeavor or course. However, to write effectively, you need some fundamental and developmental aspects to become a real writer. Basics of narrative drive, plot, and story structure are essential. In the early stages, you will need feedback as you move from one step t Read More

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