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  India is a land of many traditions. In an Indian family, when a child is born, on the eleventh day NAMAKARNAM is performed i.e., naming ceremony. After few months ANNAPARSHANAM  - feeding the child with solid food, then after few years on the Navarathri festival or Gurupurnima or on a Read More

What You Need to Know About the Book Publishing Process

Aspiring writers may wonder how they will achieve their dreams of becoming authors by translating their ideas into print from their computer screens. How does a book get to a reader from a writer? It is hence essential to understand this process. Book publishers have a large team that in collaborati Read More

An Comprehensive Introduction to Publishing

What is Publishing? Publishing is the final result of a writer's or author's work in either digital format or print format. For instance, the printed result can be a "print run" of leaves or pages bound together to make a book. These sheets or pages are assembled Read More

Think Twice Before Publishing With Free Article Directories

Online publishing platforms are a great solace not only to those who seek up-to-date and current knowledge, but for those who wish to publish articles without complications also. Websites like Wikinut serve this purpose fine. One can also publish articles in free article directories like Go Arti Read More

B’Ware of W-Beginning Writers’ Publishing Platforms?

B’Ware of W-Beginning Writers’ Publishing Platforms? Good things saying farewell is something which saddens us. Author-friendliness is a good thing about publishing sites. They provide authors with good publishing interfaces and provide many other supportive things like lengthy an Read More

Advantages and Disadvantages of Self Publishing

Many authors today are opting for self-publishing to avoid using a traditional book publisher. Days are gone when self-publishing was seen as a way of new and unsuccessful authors get into the mainstream. Nowadays, even the successful authors are choosing to self-publish their new titles. However, t Read More

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